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John Lobb's discontinued models. I am fudging a bit as I bought the Sutton a couple of years ago. My first full bore retail JL purchase. The Vale and the Foxton's have been discontinued and that made it easier to buy them this month. Perry
With a competent tailor, have it all done at once.
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Does anyone find it irritating that they always show three button jackets with the top button fastened? I can't get excited about any of these without seeing how the lapel is going to roll. +2 There is an Ebay seller that tends to get Kiton in precisely my size and I won't buy from him because he (or his photog) always buttons the top button on a 3 roll to 2 Kiton coat. I simply figure anyone...
using the img code from your photo site results in this: Great garments. You simply need to form a relationship with a good tailor. Very few of us can find a perfect OTR fit. If the shoulders work and they appear to than the tailor can make them right. Perry
Wearing shoes without socks and not using shoe trees seems a likely combo to me. Not caring about anything seems to be a popular attitude to some. Perry
I can't tell you what my commercial launderer uses in terms of water temp but one characteristic of all my My Tailor orders is that they seem huge when received but fit exactly as I want after 3 commercial washings and seem to hold that size for some time. Perry
My only Bontoni's are sourced from Wilkes Bashford and they seemed to be sized in very typical US sizing. I am a US 9D and that is what was on the Bontoni box. For reference I wear an 8.5 E UK size in C&J, EG and JL. I suppose I find them a bit on the generous size a la JL rather than the tighter fit of the 337 and 348 C&J. Perry
I saw my first pair of RLPLs from Italy at RL store at the Palazzo in LV last week. $1100 was the retail price. Seemed nice enough but won't turn my head from EG or JL. Of course if Grapevinehill starts selling them for $179 I may try a pair. Perry
From both a fit and finish standpoint: Shoes: John Lobb tailored clothing: Kiton then Oxxford casual slacks: Bernard Zin Shirts: My Tailor Ties: Talbott (I know, but I love the knot they tie) Perry
Great shoes! Thank you for scoring them so one of us could enjoy them. Perry
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