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It is hard to beat Sierra Trading Post. Quality current goods from top mfgs and a great return policy plus large stock of varying sizes generally. Perry
The retail price was $1350. I presume this included the trees. So it is about +$100 over G&G retail. Perry
JL Vale
It and the Vale are my favorite JLs (well I suppose the Vintage 2004 should be in there somewhere) and all 3 are now gone. Perry
I was very surprised to visit the RL store in the Houston Galleria and see a G&G sourced RLPL shoe on the TG73 last. I was struck immediately by the beautiful beveled waist and quickly noticed the last definition. Most of their RLPL shoes were made in Italy and from the sole design, by whoever makes Zegna's top line of shoes which have never floated my boat. I do love the G&G however. Here is hoping that RL orders hundreds of pairs and than sells them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Google royal blue and that's the definition of too blue. 47341 is too light: I actually have a nailshead tropical wool/cashmere 95/5 blend in that color that I love for a spring/summer suit. Now I am in Az so 6 months of the year we wear summer suitings. It might not be as versatile in a cooler climate but it is a great change of pace from the normal solid, pin or chalk stripe navys. Perry
IE8 drove me right into the arms of Firefox which is now my "go to." My problem with IE8 was I would open a new tab, immediately go to google to type in a search string, would get 3 characters typed in and the remaining characters would be typed into the URL space. My fingers and mind simply were 2 fast for Microsoft. Firefox is awesome!! Haven't tried anything else long enough to have an opinion. Perry
3 automatics, 2 6 speeds and one 6 speed Sequential Manual. Both of my 6 speeds are drivers or track day cars so the tranny is very appropriate, but my daily driver is my M3 and the SMG allows me to let the computer direct the clutch and gear changing efforts while I drink my coffee or work the phone; however when I want to move down the road smartly I can use it as a paddle shifter manual. Perry
I have not had a serious camera in my hands (brace of Leica IIIfs with TriX and separate single focal length lenses per body issued to me by Uncle Sugar) for near 40 years, and do enjoy the modern bells and whistles, but clearly remember setting the bodies at 1/125 and f11 and focusing each on infinity and being able to get away with 90+% of my shots technically adequate for publication. Being aware of your intent and your surroundings was important those days. Not any...
I, for one, absolutely love it. However my primary visual look has been the new Automobile Magazine and the pictures in there make it look sensuous. Perry
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