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I get mine from my NM store. Perry
It is caused by too many dry cleaning cycles. Steam your wool clothes and don't dry clean them unless absolutely necessary and they won't get shiny. PK
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y I like how the size and fitting page mentions styleforum specifically for comparing sizes against other brands. --Andre Sizing is such a problem with shoes that are not stocked across the country in a variety of sizes. The Sandringham's are probably my 20th pair of EGs. And showed me that all the other pairs are the wrong sizes. I started EG collecting with 8.5/9D RLPL sourced EGs, then found that the...
Although not a well lit picture of the Sandringham's (burnt pine over antiqued burgundy, MTO and designed by Tom Park), it does show the lovely and renovated pink Royal Hawaiian in the background. Leather Soul is currently on the 3rd floor of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. I suppose it is a mixed blessing wearing the same size shoes as the proprietor of the country's top shoe emporium. The good news is that there is always something interesting in my size in...
It is hard to beat Sierra Trading Post. Quality current goods from top mfgs and a great return policy plus large stock of varying sizes generally. Perry
The retail price was $1350. I presume this included the trees. So it is about +$100 over G&G retail. Perry
JL Vale
It and the Vale are my favorite JLs (well I suppose the Vintage 2004 should be in there somewhere) and all 3 are now gone. Perry
I was very surprised to visit the RL store in the Houston Galleria and see a G&G sourced RLPL shoe on the TG73 last. I was struck immediately by the beautiful beveled waist and quickly noticed the last definition. Most of their RLPL shoes were made in Italy and from the sole design, by whoever makes Zegna's top line of shoes which have never floated my boat. I do love the G&G however. Here is hoping that RL orders hundreds of pairs and than sells them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Google royal blue and that's the definition of too blue. 47341 is too light: I actually have a nailshead tropical wool/cashmere 95/5 blend in that color that I love for a spring/summer suit. Now I am in Az so 6 months of the year we wear summer suitings. It might not be as versatile in a cooler climate but it is a great change of pace from the normal solid, pin or chalk stripe navys. Perry
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