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Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola I did the math. The further you get from 48 the less the plus ten rule of thumb works. A 52 is a 104cm. Which would be a 41. There is no such thing as a rule of 10 on a inch to cm conversion. You are subtracting rather than multiplying and dividing. The original comment is correct. A 54 cm size is a 108 cm chest converting to a 42.6 inch chest. However if a suit is carried in 42 and 44 in US sizes...
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a And I never saw any Oxxford in any store. I really like to try on Oxxford and Kiton suits, but I still don't know, maybe I should check Camarillo outlet... They have Neiman Marcus LC right? For Kiton try on you will need to go to Saks Beverly Hills or NM San Francisco on the West Coast. You also can try Barney's in either LV or Scottsdale. Those are the only 4 stores within an hour of me by air that carry...
And Barney's is going to do a one day "friends and family" sale on Thurs Nov 19th. Normally NM will also do a 1 day 30% off Friends and Family sale around this time. The beauty of these is that pretty much most of the inventory is included. Perry
As a shoe newbie, it is hard to beat the US manufacturers, Alden and Allen Edmonds. Perry
Upscale Trendy in LA could be shorts and high top sneakers or jeans worn low on the hips with a WestCoast Customs T shirt. In the Midwest or East you may need advice, in LA just don't go naked. Perry
My personal preference is Kiton. Partially because the OTR e54L fits me near perfectly and the Brioni 44L is a bit too big, but mainly because I prefer the Kiton fabrics. If I travel my Brioni will wrinkle as you might expect after packing. Somehow the 14 micron Kiton fabric will come out of a suitcase fold as if it was on a Hanger Project hangar the entire trip. And the normal cashmere fabric of the odd jackets and their soft construction is a fantastic experience...
Hmm, the article says: Customers are offered coffee, sparkling water and wine to sip while shopping. I suppose the fare has changed over the years, but I do recall that it allegedly was much stronger stuff in the old days. Perry
I just got an email announcing how proud Zegna was to be making clothes from recycled plastic products: ECOTECH is the latest cutting edge innovation from Zegna Sport made from 100% recycled plastic sources. This innovative and ground breaking production process combines high level technical performance with the protection of the environment. I certainly want to protect the environment but wearing clothes from recycled plastic products rather than wool, silk and...
Nevis in Bauxite with Medway by Dainite soles from Tom Park. Perry
I get mine from my NM store. Perry
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