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As I spend a LOT of time in Honolulu at the Sheraton Waikiki I also spend a fair bit of time at Leather Soul. Tom Park is a great designer and carries many Alden's in what would be MTO anywhere else. Check his stock out. Perry
Tory Aikman is wearing a huge sports watch with his suit at the Cardinals/Green Bay game as an announcer. That looks so out of place to me. I have also noted that 90% of the watches in the Watch Porn thread are not something I would ever wear with a suit or likely even a odd jacket. I have a medium sized watch with the different stems but I only wear it while in Hawaii or for casual weekend dress. (BTW I am in Hawaii 1/4 of my life; week per month on business...
I do Perry
Does anyone else see the 82 last as a pigeon toed last? Each of my EG 82s seem to bend inward at the toe. So badly that I passed on the Beulieu in that last that Leather Soul carried. My Dover's don't show it as much due to the stitching. Perry
NM has an excellent Kiton and Zegna collection. Much more so than their normal stores. You likely will be hitting First Call when you visit so you should see some 33% off stuff. Although I love the SF NM, I haven't yet felt the same way about Saks. Wilkes, I reserve for their deeper sales simply because the prices at retail are so darned high excepting my Bontoni. I love Barney's but not in SF. Hold your Barney's visits for Phx and LV, both carrying Kiton and...
I own no Berluti. I do own significant numbers of EG and JL. I prefer the JL for 2 reasons. The 8000 last is simply a better fit for my foot than the 606/202 which are my favorite EG lasts and I think the Museum Calf can't be beat. Not that I don't love my EGs, in fact I suppose I have 2 to 3 EGs for every JL I own, but I just love my JLs. I have 2-3 pair of Vass and the U last is a bit narrow for my foot although the shoes obviously are well made. I own only a...
All of this we look for and value. However my wife simply says: "Somethings wrong with that jacket, the sleeves are wrinkled!" Perry
Great Shoe and I especially like the scotch grain Edwardian leather with the dark oak. It gives more character than the smooth Edwardian: http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/1524/img0856w.jpg Perry Whoops sorry. I don't know why both the images don't show.
The price seems a bit high; both the retail price and the ebay price. However I don't believe I have ever seen a NWT Kiton in 14 Micron for 700-800. Maybe well used. My guess is that the suit is probably a buy at $1700-1900. It probably is retailing today in the $7000-8000 range. Yes you can see them for $8500 but only at the NY store. If this is your size and you are sure of that, you might try an offer to see if she will accept it about $500 less than...
His early spring move from Chicago to Manhattan did make me wonder. Was that a bit of a push out or was it something he wanted. Being President of a Chicago company and hdqtred in Manhattan was a bit of a ?. Perry
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