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Wow! My Tailor must have revamped their system. I am a long time satisfied customer and ordered 2 new shirts with only very slight mods to my previous sizing options. Ordered on May 17, 2010 and received on June 3, 2010. Two weeks from placement of order to receipt. Perry
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&d...e&ved=0CAYQkAE PK I suppose I most like that Suede is an american pop singer. Can we get her in a monk?
I made a mistake a few years ago buying Alden Cape Cods thinking they were Alden. They are not near the quality. I finally threw them out. Perry
Quote: Originally Posted by oroy38 Those of you who have EGs on the 82 last, did you go the regular 1/2 size down? Ie: If I'm a US 9D, I would order a UK 8.5 E. I also am a pretty standard US 9D. Well in AE. In Alden the heels of their 9D/B are a little loose for me. But 9D back when I wore Foot Joy, Cole Hahn, AE. Now that my shoe taste has been moved a bit by the amount of shoe porn around, I normally wear a 8.5E in EG. My best...
Not being a watch collector but being somewhat interested I did watch TimeZone and other sites and had my dreams. One day I was directed to a blog on very high end watches that apparently is somewhat popular. That days entry talked about a couple of watches in the 6 figure range and the blogger than went to a subject: What watch would I get if I had no money. And this was his answer but with a rose gold dial rather than white as in this picture. It is $475 in either...
Yes, I polish before the first outside wear. I also polish lightly after every wear. But than I am known to wash my car every day also. Perry
Folks, I use Win 7 and have for about a year. It (or google chrome) has a security feature that warns on websites that have malware. Due to this thread I went to the carlofranco.com website and got the big red warning that proceeding would lead me to a site that distributes maliscious malware if you proceed. I only have gotten this warning once before and I was following an interesting story (think Tiger Woods and his women) and went to a site that generated the...
OK EG CJ Mantellassi EG Edens CJ Chukkas Perry
At my age I will admit that when I get a compliment from a women on my clothes it is not a comeon. However I do get an uncommon number of compliments. It typically happens when i am wearing an odd jacket or suit that may be a bit out of the normal range. Say a brighter color or pattern in a very good jacket. Women do have much better color sense than most men. I happen to have a fairly nice collection of cashmere odd jackets in both patterns and fairly bold...
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