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http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&d...e&ved=0CAYQkAE PK I suppose I most like that Suede is an american pop singer. Can we get her in a monk?
I made a mistake a few years ago buying Alden Cape Cods thinking they were Alden. They are not near the quality. I finally threw them out. Perry
Quote: Originally Posted by oroy38 Those of you who have EGs on the 82 last, did you go the regular 1/2 size down? Ie: If I'm a US 9D, I would order a UK 8.5 E. I also am a pretty standard US 9D. Well in AE. In Alden the heels of their 9D/B are a little loose for me. But 9D back when I wore Foot Joy, Cole Hahn, AE. Now that my shoe taste has been moved a bit by the amount of shoe porn around, I normally wear a 8.5E in EG. My best...
Not being a watch collector but being somewhat interested I did watch TimeZone and other sites and had my dreams. One day I was directed to a blog on very high end watches that apparently is somewhat popular. That days entry talked about a couple of watches in the 6 figure range and the blogger than went to a subject: What watch would I get if I had no money. And this was his answer but with a rose gold dial rather than white as in this picture. It is $475 in either...
Yes, I polish before the first outside wear. I also polish lightly after every wear. But than I am known to wash my car every day also. Perry
Folks, I use Win 7 and have for about a year. It (or google chrome) has a security feature that warns on websites that have malware. Due to this thread I went to the carlofranco.com website and got the big red warning that proceeding would lead me to a site that distributes maliscious malware if you proceed. I only have gotten this warning once before and I was following an interesting story (think Tiger Woods and his women) and went to a site that generated the...
OK EG CJ Mantellassi EG Edens CJ Chukkas Perry
At my age I will admit that when I get a compliment from a women on my clothes it is not a comeon. However I do get an uncommon number of compliments. It typically happens when i am wearing an odd jacket or suit that may be a bit out of the normal range. Say a brighter color or pattern in a very good jacket. Women do have much better color sense than most men. I happen to have a fairly nice collection of cashmere odd jackets in both patterns and fairly bold...
As I spend a LOT of time in Honolulu at the Sheraton Waikiki I also spend a fair bit of time at Leather Soul. Tom Park is a great designer and carries many Alden's in what would be MTO anywhere else. Check his stock out. Perry
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