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Actually I think the OP had a thoughtful question. It never hurts to know what the perspective is of a poster. It helps immensely in understanding their POV. Unfortunately the responses so far seem to say alot about SF and I don't know that it is flattering. Perry
Let's define a "rebuttable presumption." Both in common law and in civil law, a rebuttable presumption (in Latin, praesumptio iuris tantum) is an assumption made by a court, one that is taken to be true unless someone comes forward to contest it and prove otherwise. If you wear a black suit in a business setting, you may be taken (by those that know the "rules") to be unsophisticated, not well bred, or simply a bit of a bumpkin, or worse you may be assumed to be from...
Florsheim Imperial were available in both calf and shell. These are obviously cordovan. good find. Perry
Beautiful shoes/boots! Well bought. I would love someone to save me from myself. Tom Park of Leather Soul Honolulu has added the John Lobb line and has his first 6-7 models in stock. Unfortunately for my pocketbook he has the Vale in Chestnum Museum Calf in 8.5E UK sizing and 8000 last.....my size. I have no business in the beginning of this depression buying a pair of prestige line JLs. So if someone that loves the Vale (which may be the most beautiful RTW shoe...
Whoops wrong thread for my post
I like the Budapester as a boot very much. However in a more conventional last I think the broguing may be too much. Here is my favorite pr of boots by EG: Perry
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi anyone know what these are in US size? Pretty close to a US 9D although I don't find the G&G 8.5E UK as generous as the 8.5EUK C&J 337 or the EG 202/606 or the JL 8000. Perry
It appears to be the Vintage 2004 in Chestnut Museum Calf with quite a spit shine on them. Perry Here is the shoe in a couple of different colors. I would need to look at the boxes to remember the colors of mine. Note that the OP's picture doesn't show JL trees in them.
I suppose I don't want a machine stretching my shoes when my feet can do it. And if my feet can't do it they are too tight. I do subscribe to the EG needs to be bought a bit snug camp. However I wouldn't buy a shoe that had an obvious pressure point. I find the size of EG I buy to be a bit tight evenly over the shoe with no pressure point showing itself over the rest of the shoe's snugness. On my first few EG purchases (deep discount from RLPL by way of GrapeVine...
It is difficult. I do think that suits are regularly made from 36 on up. But you likely need to go to a large city and a large store or have your haberdasher order the suit. When I was your age I also wore a 39L but that many years ago I generally could find a few in stock in most major dept stores in major cities. I solved the problem by eating a lot and now wear a 44L... Perry You might try a e50L from a store that sells Italian clothing. that tends to...
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