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Seems like an awful lot (7 pages) of discussion on a 50 year dressy casual staple. Heck if you don't like it don't wear it, but I am assuming you can't play golf or tennis either. PK
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist That sounds more likely - Hacking pockets - riding around in the wild is called hacking. Hmm, I thought it was called "streaking." PK
The Union Square location of NM has a great men's store downstairs. Wilkes Bashford is only a couple of blocks away. Saks is a block away. The Hound is 4 blocks away. You will love it. Where are you staying? Perry
If you didn't need a suit or blazer in HS you won't in college. Wait until you get there and see what others are wearing. College is like most other things that young people do. There will be a "uniform". It could be nike shorts and flip flops or it could be chinos and ocbds. But you will probably gravitate to that "uniform." So wait until you see what it is.
I suppose I don't see this as a great defect. I did take the time to look at all my shoes and did see this effect on one pair of EGs in dark oak and another pair of EGs in heavily antiqued burgundy. There were another 10-15 pair of EG that did not show this effect and some are also in dark oak and burgundy although the latter has no antiquing. None of my Lobbs show it either nor does my single pair of G&G or my two pair of Vass or the odd Carmina or Santoni. But...
I suppose that I would not wear either nor would I consider either a "good" suit. Yes there are some manufacturers at the $1500 price point that make a nice garment but they generally are not seen in GQ. Perry
A pair of ordinary AE Leeds and: My Carnina's sourced from Tom Park at Leather Soul when he was working with them on getting a contract Actually I find Cordovan leather to be a bit stiff and hot. At least the Carmina's have a much more supple and thin Cordovan leather than my US sourced shoes. Perry
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido -Pics of specs in the wild.. & yes I have sinned as I wore them 2 days in a row.. More than 2 days in the row, the wear w/o socks will allow your perspiration from the feet to ruin the shoes in short order. PK
Flambeur, My, my, you forgot your prozac today, didn't you. PK
Thank you, most informative post. Perry
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