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Just not versatile enough to wear often. So the cat gets them.
Now on Ebay.
Sorry mispost
John Lobb Vale in 8.5E UK sizing. In Chestnut Museum. Arguably the best looking shoe JL has ever made along with the Sutton. Please message me if you would like these photos emailed to you as HiRes images. Also I have 16 recent HiRes images and don't want to load all of them on this post. When I was active on Style Forum several years ago, I bought about 40 pair of good shoes. Hence, I am long in shoes and also none have gotten much wear over the years. These...
Unfortunately I forget. It is a non medallion captoe oxford. About 8-10 years ago we used to have a sticky thread that had the name and picture of most every shoe ever made by the better shoemakers, and I used that thread constantly. It appears to have disappeared.
Luckily I got both the Sutton and the Vale in Chestnut Museum some time ago.
Although the William II is a beautiful shoe and has been around forever, I dearly miss the elegance of the single buckle Vale and never have been able to figure out why both it and the Sutton were discontinued in the same year as I have always thought those were the best looking shoes JL ever made.
Very interesting. Bontoni (at Wilkes Bashford) told me that Kiton copied their design although I always expected it was the other way around. Here is the Bontoni.The Kiton is identical.
Or my real favorite, the Sutor Mantelassi Brogues in Suede.
Or in the good old days when Ralph Lauren Purple Label shoes were made by Edward Green. Mink Suede monks by EG by way of RLPL
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