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I'm not sure if it is changed or not, but when I was getting a mtm done last year. The closest to the gable was either the 'rugby' or 'richard', with the biggest difference between the latter 2 being lapel width
While at a company function, someone decided to make a mess out of the chocolate fondue fountain. Unfortunately my shoes were just in the splash radius. Any tips to getting out the stains? The chocolate is now gone, but some dark spots remain.
apologies for bumping up such an old thread... is there a specific flower or colour that should be worn as the groom / best man etc.
cheapest place online for ~15 american apparel t-shirts?
How are the Peal & Co Perf captoes from Brooks Brothers (assuming they're still made by CJ)? Same quality as regular CJ? Hard to tell from the photos, but is the last more elegant than AEs?
Kent I remember a couple of years ago you guys had some interesting flower cuff links. Whatever happened to those?
I went with the Rugby model. No on the shorter.
Got back my mtm Samuelsohn: I think the vest is too short.
Decent mid tier Hong Kong mtm shirt maker?
One of these days I would like to hear a story about some surgeon on his off day, in a suit, having to actually utilize his surgeons cuffs.
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