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Price Drop 350 315 Brand new with tags, never worn. Size M Price does not include shipping, will be at cost.
For some reason whenever I use my Camino browser (Mac OS X) and I am looking at my PM inbox the page is constantly refreshing..... Does not occur if I use safari, which has been my easy and temporary solution thus far, although I would prefer to be able to use Camino for no good real reason. Any ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student Driver:Titleist 905R, 8.5*, UST Proforce V2 shaft Fairway metals:Titleist 904F, 15* and 19*, Aldila NV75 shafts Irons:Titleist 690CB 3-PW, True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts Wedges:Titleist Bob Vokey Spin Milled, 56* and 60*, True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shafts Putter:Titleist Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum, Newport 2 Ball:Titleist ProV1 I like, semi-old school. Player's bag if you ask me....
"few", maybe he's 12? young steeeeeez
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Maybe there are still traces of DNA on these. Scientists will be able to resurrect jesus, but this time it will be in a petri dish. They'll use stem cells from a fetus and will have to implant it in a woman's vaginal. What if her name is Mary? What if the story of jesus was really a prediction of the future? It would connect the dots after all this time and the story would make sense. I read a...
I'd say stop while you're ahead, I couldn't get through the end of the series, very unsatisfying.
The one thing annoyance I have with it is when you receive a message there is no immediate "reply" button, you have to close the notification, then open the app, and click on "chats" and wait for it to connect and then you can reply. Would be nice to save a few steps and go right to reply.
I use "whatsapp". Just starting to get used to it now, haven't noticed any huge annoyances or differences.
Sorry to see it didn't work out, good luck with the sale
Nice set up, had the J33bs for a while but sold em off club-hoing. Did keep the MP-14s I played with as a junior though, my "museum" pieces. Currently with the Titleist ProMBs, ProjX6.0 all standard, who knows what this year will bring though...
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