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I just got these in the mail and I think they fit pretty well. I sized down three and they are pretty hard to button but I think they've stretched some already. I cold soaked them last night and I'll probably take them to get hemmed today. I just thought I'd throw these up to grab some opinions and let people know how they fit. BTW- I definately didnt want these too tight b/c I have pretty big thighs and I'm a Chiro. student so I have to do a lot of odd positioning...
I tried on one of the RB15s in a 34 and they were VERY tight in the thighs so I passed on them, I really liked the color though. I'll have to go back and check out some of the outerwear and tops before everything is gone. I also picked up a pair of Hush Puppies Black Label Oliver boot for 1/2 off!
Yeah thats the only pic I found after I searched, I thought that maybe there were more somewhere else....
Are there any pics of these after some wear? I've to expect minimal fading but I'm not srue how minimal.
I picked them up at Len Druskin clearance in Edina, MN. The total was $48.70. They had at least another 34/32 and a 34/34 but I didn't look at any other sizes.
Well, they're soaking now so we'll see what happens
I think that they are too big towards the bottom to successfully stack them.
these can be removed b/c I have decided to keep them.
The main reason I wanted to sell them is finacial reasons but they were pretty cheap (under $50). I guess Ill keep them. Now I have to decided if I want them cuffed or not. Thanks for the replies
So I'm slowly weening myself off of Diesel and R&R and that stuff. I picked up these Rag & Bones for pretty cheap and was going to sell them but now I'm having second thoughts. What do you guys think of the fit in the pic I included? I've never cuffed and jeans before and if feels pretty weird, should I keep these cuffed or get them hemmed? Or should i just go ahead and sell them? BTW- I also just got a ES Fulton rigid and I have a APC Rescue in the mail thanks to...
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