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I live "down here", in Rio. In Belem I wouldn't bother trying to find nice clothes, you probably won't find anything decent. In Rio and Sao Paulo I would recommend the following: Osklen - casual wear and beachwear, they have stores in NY, Rome, Paris, Milan, etc Ricardo Almeida - probably the best tailor in the country; dresses the president and businessmen/celebrities. Not Savile Row though. Camargo - also a tailor, used to work at Ricardo. Same fit (slim, soft,...
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor Thom Brown is made by Oxxford Not really. Thom Browne has his own production facility , in NY.
Tod's suede mocs retail for around 260 euros in Italy. But there are better options. You should take a look at Car Shoe (owned by Prada, which carry a few great mocs itself as well) and Bottega Veneta. Regarding quality, I don't have any experience with F. Rosetti, but I would advise you to take a look at your mocassin's sole. The Tod's ones have little rubber balls on the sole (palonccini), whereas the Prada and Bottega Veneta ones have rubber squares. The squares are...
Aaron Faber
Throw it away and buy a new one. The effort/time to do that (supposing the outcome to be positive, that is) isn't worth it.
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Hey guys, the title says it all. I have wide feet and some trouble to find shoes that would fit. I usually go for italian shoes, but I'm thinking about trying english brands such as Church's and Lodger because they seem to be bulkier and roomier. Any suggestions? Thank's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dan9019 Hey, Anyone have a recommendation for polo shirts that have a similar fit to RL slim fit polos but don't have an uneven hem (tennis tail) for around the same price point of $75-100? I like everything about the RL slim fits except that stupid tail. Also, not having a logo would be a plus. Thanks Just get the tail hemmed. I did it with all my RL polos, works fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mannix Could someone ID this suit? Or offer similar options? I'm guessing Kiton.
Those are gorgeous. I wouldn't wear any shoes, specially Tom Ford ones, sans socks. Go for no-show socks, they are great and the best way to solve your problem.
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