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day 2
Probably not a SF approved brand but WeSC makes several selvage models sat around $120
price drop
price drop
shirt fits fine but the graphics are pretty gay
Got a heather gray mock neck pullover with black accents (on the cuffs and bottoms). Bought it from another styleforum member but I never wear it so I'm selling. Tagged size XL but fits like a large. Excellent condition. Same as this one: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=475 $60 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. burns These are fucking beautiful
Flowery dresses, tight jeans, and flats, tank tops, mini skirts, and ugg boots (say what you want, shit is sexy as hell), or, my personal favorite, naked glasses are a plus
Pulled the trigger on the red wing knock-offs during their christmas 1 day sale. With free shipping, free return shipping, and 20% off, I figure it couldn't hurt to take a look and maybe get a decent pair of beaters. I'm actually kind of surprised at how well constructed these are. They feel quite solid. They aren't redwing quality but for the $65 I payed for them, I think I'm gonna keep them.
http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...5683/95683.jsp I'm looking for something like this sans the $600 price tag, any suggestions?
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