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They will have a nice offering: a few suits, some jackets, cotton trousers, and some of our A-1 jackets as well. It should be in store this week!
Good news: We're launching in Europe for spring 2017. Product should start delivering in stores for February and March. We'll be available at Fenwick on Bond Street in London, and Lund & Lund in Stockholm. More to come on that later.
It's always printed on the Ring Jacket tag that hangs on the front of the jacket, but you might not have that any longer. There is a tag inside the inner right chest pocket that contains the fabric information, and there is a item number there. The model may be printed in parentheses underneath, but if not you can let me know the item number and I'll see if I can find out from there.
 The link you posted is for an item from FW15. The item I was referencing is from FW16. We actually re-released the exact fabric from the aforementioned photo - a brown/cream houndstooth in 100% wool. It is currently available in store at both The Armoury and H. Stockton, though not online yet as far as I know.
   The brown houndstooth A1 jacket is currently available at both The Armoury and H. Stockton. They also have a selection of this model in other fabrics.
< see below >
Sorry for such a delayed response! Balloon is a great cloth if you're looking for something versatile, particularly the spring/summer version. The navy jacket could as easily be worn with a tie and grey trousers, as it could with jeans and a polo or even a t-shirt. Plus you have the added benefit of balloon's wrinkle resistance and breathability. Hope that helps. 
Hi YseanY -  Model 184 is a jacket model, but it's normally accompanied by trouser model S-168 when part of a suit. For S-168, the specs you requested are as follows:   48 50 Waist 86 cm 89 cm Thigh 28 cm 28.5 cm Bottom Opening 19.5 cm 19.5 cm Rise 23 cm 23.5 cm
Just wanted to let everyone know that we'll be in store at Samuel Parker in Baltimore this Thursday April 21st. If anyone is in the area, please come by to say hello and check out their Ring Jacket SS16 garments.   Here are a few examples of the jackets they have from us:   Navy 'Baloon' Wool                                                                        Blue 'Balloon' Wool         Blue wool/silk/linen from V.B.C.  
 It sounds like these are the measurements for The Armoury's exclusive model AMJ-03. You're right - it is a slightly extended shoulder. The model fits quite nicely and the overall effect is a masculine v-shape.
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