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Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant Logical question: can shoes that don't feel tight in the first few days later cause a corn? That is, assuming the corn isn't caused by a seam and the foot doesn't grow. Because of a fracture I had many, many years ago, the little toe of my right foot is a little bit mishaped and I am absolutely prone to developing corns. It builds up over several months at which point I use a pad and corn...
Quote: Originally Posted by jptoor Got dumped via text. Worst part, all she said was, "You're an incongruous person. I don't know how to feel about that." Then she stopped texting me back, and won't return my calls. That quote seems like it's out of a Bret Easton Ellis novel.
Two things help - fused collars for stiffness and (I don't know what this is called exactly) a taller collar band.
Quote: Originally Posted by why It's not from the ZMA. Agreed. Sounds to me from the post that you either have a zinc defiicency or that your hormone levels fluctuate significantly from time to time. Psychologically speaking, it absolutely could be your new surroundings and perhaps a case of yellow fever.
Just one thing to add here because I've been through this myself: Consider that the actual chest is just one piece of the "chest measurement." In many cases, downsizing your lats can help the issue. In fact, not doing chest exercises while working everything else could lead to long-term issues. Go ahead and talk to a trainer, but one of the other posters suggested reducing weight and uping the reps. I'd try that, only not just with chest exercises, but with back too.
I have had this occur on occasion and have to remind myself to wear new shoes for shorter periods of time. If a blister or some other irritation has formed, I would wait for the wound to heal, then try wearing a Dr. Scholl's pad over the aforementioned area as you break in the shoes several hours at a time. Sometimes a simple band-aid works. If the fit of the style doesn't work, you can always put it up for sale here. I'm sure you'll get interest.
Don't have a camera available at the moment, but I just took delivery of a pair of EG Troons on the 888 in burgundy crup with a toe medallion. Double leather soles. I am pleased.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.WAYWRN This complete BS. Horween has plenty of stock at the moment. I spoke with Skip Horween earlier in the month. This is simply hype created to justify an unworthy markup on your shoes which is much higher than your competitors. In fairness to shoemart AND to Horween, there's another player in this and based on what I have heard, they seem not so enthralled with making whiskey shell shoes. I have no idea why,...
Take a look at GG's Corniche--a stunning shoe
I think oxblood is one of Vass' best shades and a great choice in that model. You can quite easily make them more brown over time with polishing if you find them too red.
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