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Happy to be patient. It's just my first time ordering from Shoe Bank (AE for that matter) and when I talked to the CS rep on Monday to place my order he said I should get my shoes by this Friday or Monday. Got the email invoice, but crickets on the shipping notification.
No, not really. You'll get a shipping notification when it's ready. They were within the time window promised on the GMTO, but don't expect daily updates like some Kickstarter campaigns.
Fit is still king for me. Here's a new last and balmoral from AE that really caught my eye: http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/mens-shoes/dress-shoes/cornwallis-dress-oxfords/SF1052.htmlIf you get the boots, let me know how they fit. Though I'm still skeptical given the custom/shipping charges, plus lack of return policy, just makes Meermin try-and-your-stuck-with-it policy a bit too risky for me.
Actually even the Park Ave is on Clearance right now...thought limited sizes and only in Merlot: http://www.allenedmonds.com/clearance/mens-clearance/shoes/park-avenue-cap-toe-oxfords/SF5875.html?dwvar_SF5875_color=5875#sz=18&start=22
I'm very tempted too, but am torn as I work in a a more casual environment. So I do want to be able to wear with jeans and khakis. More so since I ordered the Park Ave in merlot already.I got someone on the phone right away and placed my Park Ave order from the Brookfield location. I'm still waiting for the shipping confirmation though. How long does that usually take for others? I placed my order on Monday.
Thanks. I just ordered my first AE Park Ave on Monday, so I have no idea about relative fit. In general, I tend to have a wider ball and toe box requirement, average instep, and average to slightly narrow heel.But I found this on the Q&A on the Cornwallis page and this seems to be encouraging. Now if I buy 2 pairs of shoes in a week, I have some explaining to do with my wife and concede she can add 4 new times to her collection....
Highly depends on your work and travel itinerary. I am adamant in fitting everything in a carry-on and also like to go for a run and/or hit the gym. So I'm packing gym clothes and trainers as well. No room for trees or another pair of shoes. I agree with getting wearing versatile jacket. But some client/work environments requires a full suit and tie and that does make packing a single suit/jacket more challenging.
Your current Meermin's is with the Hiro last? The Olfe last is even more narrow. I pretty much have the same issue with Meermin hiro last being tight in the toes. They don't have much offerings that are wider except for boots. I recently tired their wide Hiro-G, but that's too wide, probably somewhere in in a EE/EEE width.I've pretty much given up on Meermin due to fit/sizing and going to AE or a vendor that has a better return policy.
They look great. How is the fit of the last? Looks pretty slim. This seems to be a new shoe and last as there's no additional info on the last page. I just saw a Cornwallis pop up in my size on Shoebank, so now I am very tempted.
Wow. If I had such a long list, I could not imagine what my wife would justify to extend hers!
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