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Thanks for the Best of B&S mention!
Thanks for the mention!
I still order from Indochino, mainly when they have sales, and primarily blazers. I have my fit down for blazers. Pants not so much, cuz I'm all about the bass...
Wow...70k in July already. Sorry just been not posting on this forum. I gotta exported data from my tracking app. But should have at least 1000 pull-ups to add here.
I'm coming over to AE after a couple failed attempts of finding the right last fit with Meermin (I have my final experiment for sale below). I found Meermin's standard Hiro last to bit a tight in the toe box, but loose in the heels. Suggestion on AE lasts to try?
I have the burgundy oxford GMTO for sale in the wide Hiro-G last below. PM if interested. http://www.styleforum.net/t/504579/meermin-mto-burgundy-oxfords-us7-5-uk6-5-wide
Nice! Might add that to my next order.
This is from the first MTO run a couple months ago on their new wide-G Hiro last. Original Hiro was tight for me, and took a gamble on these. Turns out my foot is in between widths. My miscalculation is your gain. Brand new in box, only tried them on once for fit and did not even walk in them. MSRP = $175 + $35 (shipping) + ($50 duties) = $260. Save yourself some money and no need to wait for another MTO.
I just got my Hiro-G wide width burgundy cap toe MTO. Unfortunately, I don't think my foot fits Meermin lasts well. Normal Hiro is too tight in the toe box, while the G width first my toes nicely, but now my heels are too loose. Meermin is doing another MTO run for this shoe right now https://meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=164 if you need pics. So if you can't wait 2 months and are a UK 6.5 wide (US 7.5 wide), PM me and make an offer. Brand new, just tried it on once...
Doh...just placed an order. Did I miss a linen sale?
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