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Doh, looks like I missed the linen sale again this year. Are they just posting the sale here on SF? Because I don't think I got an email for it.
Where you guys finding your sizings smaller than 8? I just went to the San Francisco store today, and basically they said, the have very few models smaller than 8 in stock. Quite the bummer as I really wanted to try on a few different lasts.The new Cornwallis looks great. Though I feel the Walnut color shows better in photos than in person.
Runners/trainers are different though. First off you don't usually get much options on width, most just offer one width. And given the flexibility of the fabric and lacing, it tends to mold much more easily to your feet compared to dress shoes.That said, I personally appreciate the greater options available now for wide toe box runners/trainers. If only dress shoe makers made more lasts like that too...
Jean and chinos.
My big toe is shorter than my first toe. And over the past year, I've switched all my training/running shoes to wide toe box. I basically went up 1/2 size for all my training shoes. It's surprising how much your fit changes with a change in your foot posture.That is see a pretty big disparity. The ball area fit seems to be fine with the 65 last. It's everything else to seems a bit off ;-) With the loose heel, I agree with other shoes once broken in, most of the heel...
Ok, I received my first pair of AE - Park Ave Merlot I bought from the Shoebank. The only defect is the right cap toe is slightly off alignment, which is fine by me. Beautiful shoe, but a bit disappointed how lacking a polish job come out of the factory. Now let's talk about fit, as that's ALWAYS the issue for me with pretty much every shoe I've tried. So I'm between 7.5-8E on bannock, so I ordered 7.5E for the Park Ave in the 5 last. I think fit is acceptable and I...
Happy to be patient. It's just my first time ordering from Shoe Bank (AE for that matter) and when I talked to the CS rep on Monday to place my order he said I should get my shoes by this Friday or Monday. Got the email invoice, but crickets on the shipping notification.
No, not really. You'll get a shipping notification when it's ready. They were within the time window promised on the GMTO, but don't expect daily updates like some Kickstarter campaigns.
Fit is still king for me. Here's a new last and balmoral from AE that really caught my eye: you get the boots, let me know how they fit. Though I'm still skeptical given the custom/shipping charges, plus lack of return policy, just makes Meermin try-and-your-stuck-with-it policy a bit too risky for me.
Actually even the Park Ave is on Clearance right now...thought limited sizes and only in Merlot:
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