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Doh...just placed an order. Did I miss a linen sale?
I have the same...Hiro last seems to fit you better than mine. I ordered the burgundy oxfords on Hiro-G wide last. Hoping these fit better when they come in.
Well, I don't own AE, but have tried them and in general they have larger toebox than Hiro. I have doublemonks in hiro 7UK, but I still find the toebox tight, but the heel loose.
Sizing up by a full size? I wouldn't do it. Hiro toebox is narrow, and my toes are just a little wider than normal. But at least in the UK, it's not as much of pain to ship back to Spain.
I know this is SF, but I say do what you please...
I think if you wear extra wide now, Hiro is too narrow especially the toe box. I think I am going to order the G-width Hiro and see how it goes.
This is brand new isn't it? I just saw it in the newsletter and am wondering if anybody has a G-fit Hiro yet?I have a pair of doublemonks in Hiro and they are tight in the toe box but loose around the heel. Hoping a G-width and sizing down by a 1/2 size my solve this. Plus the bungundy cap toe is EXACTLY what i've been looking for.
Looks like I'm late to the party! Congrats guys for hitting 100k. I've been away for this board for a few months. But here's my contribution that I've been tracking in my workout app. 105,690 + 638 = 106,328
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