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The identity is confirmed, here's his facebook page: http://nb-no.facebook.com/people/Anders-Behring-Breivik/100002651290254
Shooter is now suppsoed to be some sort of right-wing extremist, has contacts in various local neo-nazi etc. groups. 32 yrs old, licensed with two handguns, a 9mm Glock among them. Police are searching his flat at Skøyen, a semi-well-off area in the Western part of the city.
No, that's fairly spot-on, and in line with what's said in the media here. If it's a McVeigh-type thing, we'd be talking about someone operating on his own, or a very small group. If it's a larger, concerted operation, the islamist groups are the only likely suspects. The timing is very odd, the bomb blast happened at 15.26 local time, when civil servants will have left work early for the weekend - the public sector in Norway leave work earlier in the day in summer....
If you discount the islamist theory, the only other conceivable theory I can see is a McVeigh-like scenario. Right-wing extremists in Norway have generally been pathetic in terms of being actual threats, but this could conceivably have been done by a loner. Most commentators are going for the islamist track..The Labour party here has been pretty hegemonical in the post-war decades, if anyone nurtured a hatred towards "the man" or the political establishment, the Labour...
Yeah, they seem very connected. It appears that the shooter presented himself at Utøya about 90 minutes after the bomb explosion, the kids there were gathering in some assembly hall for information about the explosion. He was reportedly wearing some sort of SWAT gear, and as all the Labour top politicians visit the summer camp, some sort of security was not unexpected, I suppose.
Undetonated explosives found at Utøya, and they're still searching for bodies in central Oslo and at Utøya. The shooter is reportedly willing to talk in interrogation. One unconfirmed theory seems to be that the bomb in town was of the fertilizer-and-diesel type, which doesn't take that much know-how or resourcs to make.
Arrested shooter is Norwegian, 32 yrs. old, confirmed.
The one suspect under arrest (Utøya shooter) is described as "Nordic" in appearance, and may also have been observed in police uniform outside the govt. offices earlier today. Two competing theories in the media here; either an Al-Quaida-inspired islamist group, or a Timothy McVeigh-type of right-wing nutjob. It might, of course, be a combination, united by anti-semitism etc. Press conference with the PM now, seems there are some new developments...BRB.
Central Oslo is in semi-lockdown. Quite eerie. I live about 150 metres from the PM's official residence, which is also in the embassy area, the Israeli embassy is around 300 metres away. There are a lot of official-looking cars whizzing around (big black German ones, with drawn blinds around the back seats, blue lights on the roofs), and there are some military and police roaming a round a bit. Otherwise, it's very, very quiet, except for the helicopters. Good thing, I...
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