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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Love it. Thanks! It's been turned over to this guy (webpage in Norwegian), - he's the big name in old bikes around here - for a lot of NOS parts and general resto.
Quote: Originally Posted by weeks At second glance it looks alot like this PX10. If it is a PX10, the frame alone is worth more than $300. See Nice. What sort of equipment are on those? If it's the old Dura-Ace combo, it's a steal.
Quote: Originally Posted by caelte ..and that dining table could use a good sanding too. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by hws Yes, I also try to mention this imbalance before. By the way I think will be more interesting the next year instead of Esquire BDRM contest, to have Esquire BDSM contest! Mr. and Mrs. Canuker will have my vote.
1940 bicycle for my wife And an art deco gavel. I can now start my own auction house, or secret club.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins Yep... gotta be a MOP spoon with caviar. Nah, silver is fine.
This merengue/ice cream/jam/jelly man concoction was invented by a couple of friends of mine last Saturday. We debated whether to name it "Winter warfare" or "Retreat from Moscow":
Got this yesterday, for my wife, at ~$90. Here it is in as-found condition: Norwegian 1940 model DBS, ("Den Beste Sykkel" - "The Best Bicycle"), dated from the Schweinfurt Torpedo back hub, - these are always dated by year and month. It needs a NOS chain, tyres, front brake wire, grips, a new toolkit pouch or straps for it, and the wife wants one of those wicker baskets for the handlebars. We'll keep the original leather seat for the time being -...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I'm no Foo, but here goes. New Shirt No Vest New Shoes Legs Reproportioned Slimmed Arms Slimmed Right Trouser Leg Pocket Square Suit slightly desaturized Wow, nice work, SH! The trousers are being slimmed at my corrections tailor now, I'll just have to see about slimming down the upper arms a bit too. although I'm afraid that this will restrict movement - I've used the jacket for riding and...
Vintage, vintage, vintage. The Danish MCM idea is very good.
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