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The young man has been checked out of the case, regular camp participator, carrying a knife on his person (this was, after all, a campsite, so not that peculiar).
Two minutes ago, a second, younger man, also of ethnic Norwegian appearance, was arrested and handcuffed at Sundvolden, very near Utøya. The hotel there has been used as an emergency point and command post for the police. The PM and the minister for justice arrived there about half an hour ago to meet victims and families. This is all anyone knows so far.
Here's a collection of his posts in a political forum here in Norway. Don't know how long the page will be up. It's all in Norwegian, but he sprinkles the posts with a lot of references, links and quotes in English.His strongest beefs seem to be with "multi-culturalism" and what he calls "cultural marxism". Islam and jihadists seems to be his general bogeyman.This seems to be his favourote blog, he praises it repeatedly, along with this one.
Huh? What would you call this?
21 yrs is correct. It won't be changed, trust me.After 21 years served, he'll probably be committed to psychiatric care.
Yes, I expect nearly all are under 20.
80+ confirmed deaths reported at Utøya now.
None, as far as I'm concerned, that goes for Max Manus as well.
Anders Behring Breivik is believed to have acted alone. Rumours on Norwegian webpages: Breivik belongs to "extreme right-wing circles" in Oslo. He has been known to participate in right-wing internet forums in Norway, is a self-described nationalist and has also written a number of posts critical of Islam. According to some sources, he was arrested on three counts in 2001, for reckless driving, reckless shooting in the vicinity of his then-gitlfriend, and for several...
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