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MKII watches are $600 or 700, can be custom-ordered without any visible branding on the dial, use ETA 2824 with various small improvements (adjusted in six positions, hack setting, etc.), has a solid-link bracelet, etc. Downside: Up to several months' lead time for custom watches. The Mk II Vantage is clearly related to the Explorer, but faaaar more bang for your buck, and logo-less. \t\t "¢ Case Width: 39.0 mm not including crown "¢ Case Thickness: 12.30 mm "¢...
CDG is fucking awful, although I enjoy some of the 70s design features. Some smaller French airports can be good, Nice isn't too bad. Rome is crap, has worrying security, and surprisingly few people speak English. Heathrow is bad, but so so much better than Stansted. I will never go with Ryanair/to Stansted again if I can help it. Luton sucks. Amsterdam is OK, especially considering the size of the hub. Brussels used to be awful, but I haven't been there in...
Is this like a boot camp for business travellers?
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche I´ve been assaulted today in my beach villa by a marroquian. I had no katana... Sorry to hear that. I assume he didn't have a nimcha?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Not a scimitar you otherizing postcolonialist! A yataghan. A katana, rather?
Antiques dealers. Sterling silver cases are some of the cheapest old silver you can buy. Also, they're very good for money and cards, although few people realise that. I used an art deco silver case as a wallet for years. Even gold cases are often sold by-the-gram, if they're not melted down.
No personal experience, but I expect you will see glowing reviews here. I've really liked the Stowas I've seen, FWIW. The owner, Schauer, is rumoured to a real enthusiast.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra Aren't black floors go completely against what every Scandinavian-pagan-wood-worshiper stand for? Yah, maybe I should just stain it darker with some blood from my killed enemies, mixed with mead?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra Black floors? Why do you hate wood? Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Black wood floors are the cancer of current interior design Thanks for the Photoshopping, StephenHero! Well, completely black floors will look too harsh, I think, but now I'm seriously considering staining them darker...some gloss might be nice too. (I'm not entirely happy with them as they are, and...
Cohen's great. He's huuuge in Norway/Scandinavia.
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