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My last name literally means "Handsome" (yes, really). Originally German, but needs no translation into Norwegian. I have had to assure numerous people that this is pure coincidence. I will also owe you a drink if you can think of a joke I haven't heard about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 He'll be grounded for a while FTFY
Could we please have a Biddle photo-fest? I'd like to see the much-commented wardrobe.
Appraised a big collection of old swords and guns.
I've lived here for 20 months, and I'm the only guy in a suit and tie on the 31 bus. Ever. This is a gentrifying neighbourhood, mostly populated by older working class and some unemployed drunks, Asian/middle-eastern immigrants and an increasing number of younger hipsters. The area next to here is supposedly the hipsterest neighbourhood in Norway, so I expect the gentrification is spreading here next. I nod to the people in the building, nothing more.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 The Camargue really is hideous Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic Rolls-Royce Camargue How is this hideous?
Wallpaper Magaziiiiiiine, the early years. It all looks so boring now.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Swede I had a friend over for dinner and managed to break two of my antique japanese plates. I dropped a cup on them while they were stacked and the corners chipped off. Both plates lost two pieces but the break is clean and the four broken off pieces are retrieved, no crushing. If I place the pieces back the break is practically seamless. How do I fix this? The plates have emotional value for me so giving them up is not an...
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc ???? Snickering, laughing derisively?
Ha! I guess his neighbours will stop sniggering now.
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