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Well, it's a fairly common occurence, to put it mildly. And anything "impressive" will generally have very non-juvenile price-tags.
Anyone with any knowledge about art will be very unimpressed by both "inkjet art prints of famous paintings, or oil painting reproductions of famous paintings". I guess that's what you really mean when you ask what's most "respectable". Well, the closest parallel I can think of is wearing fake luxury clothing with loud logos; it will only impress the people you don't really have a need for impressing, while the people who can tell - and care about - the difference will...
Stylistically, the decoration is Art Nouveau, or rather the German Jugendstil variant. It's probably not as old as early 20th century, but it looks, at least, like something made in Germany between, say, 1895 and 1910. The most obvious reference would be Peter Behrens' designs, or something by the Brit/US arts-and-crafts movement, see CR Mackintosh. The "fraction" on the bottom is most likely a factory code for model/decor (or decor/model). Very common on German and...
Mr. Peterman, is that you?
Bjørn Stærk has a very good answer to what you're arguing, Shane:
It appears that former Labour PM Gro Harlem Brundtland was his main target - their cars would have crossed on the road between Utøya and Oslo, in the short time between the attacks. He seems to have been delayed in his schedule, and missed her.
Sorry, where's that? If you mean the event in Oslo, you're missing a digit; 100.000 people or more.
It now appears that Breivik's "manifesto" borrows very heavily from the Unabomber's. Some key phrases are swapped, like "muslims"for "blacks", "cultural marxists" for "leftists", "islam" for "technology", etc. Large portions of text are just cut, pasted and lightly edited for some key phrases.
The prevailing theory here is that the bombing was mainly a diversion to facilitate the shooting, and the PM's office is a building of some symbolic "value", of course.A lot of questions along your lines are being asked in the media, no specific replies from the police or other authorities yet.
I would guess so, but who the hell really knows? Their leader, Siv Jensen, has handled the situation with his former active membership and very expressed sympathy very well so far. Most Norwegians realise that the ties between Breivik and her party are distant, but it's his only known association to any sort of organised politcs, except for a quarrel/trolling he's rumouredly started at the Conservative party's web forum.Edit - Oops - right this minute, she's chewing out...
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