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Quote: Originally Posted by Luc-Emmanuel Seeing the mountains springing out of the sea was striking, climbing them was even more fun Did you climb Svolværgeita ("The Goat") and do the leap between the horns? Longest two metres in the world, I'm told... If you fall down from there, you'll more or less hit the roof of my parents' house.
LK doesn't disappoint. Good stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Need some advice guys regarding two watch repairs: First, my Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope stopped turning the date today when I went to put it on. Where would you recommend servicing something like this? Second, I was gifted a Cartier Roadster Automatic that has a cracked crystal and possibly damaged interior. I called Cartier and they estimated me $750 for a new crystal and service. That's complete bullshit IMO....
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS You really should let the owners know about these 'kids.' +1. Those dogs may well be edgy for days. When I was a kid, we had a German pointer (Vorstehhund) bitch that would have a nervous breakdown every New year's, in thunder, lightning, etc. It would take her a week or so to get her calm back and stop shaking. The story was that she'd been mistreated by some previous idiot owner who'd pushed all the wrong...
I feel your pain - I work with antiques, and we're expected to wear (depending on which of the two branches of the company I'm at that day) either a business suit with tie at the up-market branch, or at least a dress shirt and "nice" jeans at the more down-market one, or if we're not seeing customers. I've gone through a lot of good clothes just by carrying stuff around and ripping trousers, scratching shoes, staining everything - there are a lot of situations where...
Belgrade. Spent a half night on the railway platform while the police were slowly circling us, guns in hand.
Something usable/tasty. I hate the regular corporate-style gifts. If they haven't been to the US before, maybe a bit of americana: classic, good-quality baseball caps like the ones from Cooperstown Co., Zippos, classic Buck knives, bourbon, nice Cali wines that are unobtainable or too expensive abroad, architecture/art books on specifically US stuff...what's your budget?
Quote: Originally Posted by Testudo_Aubreii Forgot that the Finns seem to wear white tie more frequently than other societies. Finnish and Swedish students, balls etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I would just like to nominate Globe for an award for his civility and patience in the German reenacting/Slavery & the US Civil War thread. Shane B is like the NameBack of revisionist history. +1, I just had to give up on that thread, it seems Manton is picking up on it, though.
I didn't see this until now. Very sad, I pm'ed with Nonk a bit about his military service in Norway - he was a very decent guy. RIP.
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