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For no. 2 on the list: Simon Sebag Montefiore: "Jerusalem, The Biography".It's light reading, good anecdotes and trivia, and Montefiore tries honestly to be fair and even-handed, I think. Of course, Montefiore has a Rothschild-like family background, so he'll probably be accused of pro-Israeli bias.
Is there any extradition, or rather, will the French show him a cold shoulder?
Not sure if srs.
The Qatari Royal family, rumour has it.Two different pictures, the Sotheby's one has been owned by the Olsen family all along.From wikipedia:In short: The Norwegian national Museum has the 1893 oil version, which was stolen, it seems mosly for shits and giggles, in 1994, and recovered a few months later. The Munch Museum has the 1910 oil, which was stolen in 2004 and recovered in 2006, after some negotiation etc. The Munch Museum also has a pastel version.This is odd -...
Savage is taking a leaf out of Hitchens' book, I guess. And yes, Lighthouse and Texastyle, he's gay. Why would you think he'd shy away from saying exactly the same things about Islam?
Ikea, the high-gloss-"lacquered" "Lack" shelves.
Taki also wrote for the (UK) Spectator, and IIRC the scandal was being caught with coke - I think he managed to get out of legal trouble. He's an old rogue, iconic eurotrash.
Getting excited, Roark?
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