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SamS: So how do the above quotes constitute "libertarian socialism"? I assume you mean something like this by that phrase.
Have you actually read Smith? I doubt it.I think you've probably read more Chomsky than you've actually read Smith.At least in the US, I think this is the key.
Of all the stupid shit I've read on the CE forum, this is a real gem of misinformed stupidity.And that's saying something.
OK, that's a bit funny.
I like the poor. They can be very picturesque.
I could make a loooong list of worse uses of public funds...
"R-money"? "Mitt Moneymormon" is harsh, but catchy, I suppose. I've seen both in blogs/comments, but can't find any links right now.
LOL...the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs was evacuated, along with the Royal palace, ...etc.Imagine being that security guy in the Oslo US embassy, being evacuated from the embassy yesterday and seeing the huge evacuation in the middle of the city, with SWAT teams, helicopters, roadblocks, etc...and then hearing someone walking behind you going: "Dude...isn't that your car?"http://www.newsinenglish.no/2012/07/31/bomb-scare-outside-the-us-embassy/
Netanyahu, via CNN, says Iran:
Does that mean that at least 3 out of 4 have not had sex while intoxicated? Ever?
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