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 Not really, the US can hardly be called a "nation state".
Antiques trade, various "art world" jobs; museums (curatorial jobs), galleries etc. I see some very dandified get-ups in this trade, at every level of price and pretentiousness.
I wouldn't say it was worth 2 mill., but that guy's a hero to many...Edit: Doesn't it seem like he had another job lined up anyway?Edit again: This was in 2005? And the legalities have dragged on for seven years?
The Valentino stuff was far too chintzy/eurotrashy for my tastes, but the YSL homes are just stunning, and the Chanel flat is just an amazing time capsule - it's a very clear inspiration for YSL's in Paris. Keep'em coming, plz? They're very well done, kudos.
Would that be the 1%, then?
What, you're in your mid-thirties, and were conceived on a road trip through Northern Norway?You should thank me.
Mostly imaginary, but I remember that when I was around 10 or 12, we repeatedly sabotaged the entire on-display stock of condoms in the petrol station up the road from my school. The condoms were in (IIRC) ten-packs in wallet-sized folders. Just a tiny, almost invisible pin-prick on each condom, that would cause it to tear not so much during application as during penetration.It was a busy petrol station, particularly in summer with a huge amount of tourist traffic. I may...
Try the UK Spectator, I haven't read it for a few years, but it used to be good in that manner.
This is somewhat true, but it still does not mean that Smith was anything like a modern socialist or anarchist.The quotes you provided above do not mean what you're implying they do. You might say that he wasn't the "anarcho-capitalist"/pure laissez-faire proselytiser that some want to make him out to be, but you're stretching your point much, much too far, IMO.
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