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Antiques trade, various "art world" jobs; museums (curatorial jobs), galleries etc. I see some very dandified get-ups in this trade, at every level of price and pretentiousness.
The Valentino stuff was far too chintzy/eurotrashy for my tastes, but the YSL homes are just stunning, and the Chanel flat is just an amazing time capsule - it's a very clear inspiration for YSL's in Paris. Keep'em coming, plz? They're very well done, kudos.
Ikea, the high-gloss-"lacquered" "Lack" shelves.
Unless your hands are quite big, these look like the smaller (often ladies') watch size. The cases are good quality, most of that is hand-chased and engraved. Can you find any marks on the insides of he cases? You have to take a look inside, and check if the movements are in order before you buy them. This type of case is very easy to open, and just a quick visual inspecion for rust and dirt can tell you a lot. Are the winding keys present? They look like they're...
Here's mine - nothing comparable, it's not really practical at all, but it works very well as a sort of three-dimensional mirror, and we keep some cigars/booze and booze-specific glasses etc. in there. Pictures are from our old flat. Your set-up seems completely different - generally, I'm not too fond of home bars, but if you can use the "pass through" (is that like a serving-hatch, or more like a doorway?) to the kitchen, it can be very practical for getting finger...
Well, lithos and digital/inkjet/giclee prints are two different animals. Lithography is a very old and well-established printing technique (abt. 1800) , whereas giclee is a twenty-odd year old invention. One of the most important differences, that influence a lot of how their authenticity is judged, is that a litho has an "original" stone "tablet" or printing-block, while a giclee print is just a technically advanced inkjet print. A litho tablet will eventually get worn...
Yes! The best example I know of is Han van Meegeren. In hindsight, his "Vermeer" etc. paintings all have some clear art deco/Neue Sachlichkeit influences, which would give his buyers in thirties Holland and Germany the feeling of a connection to the Dutch golden age. Göring was van Meegeren's most famous victim, which made him a post-war folk hero in Holland, and got him a very light sentence, which he cunningly died away from. I'd really love to own a van Meegeren,...
Oh, I'm fascinated by the proper forgeries; I'm writing this sitting under a Modigliani drawing by Elmyr de Hory. I's signed "Elmyr" though, so it's from his late cashing-in-on-notoriety period. OP: What's your budget for this?
Hm, sorry, but I don't really have much more to offer in the way of information. My guess is still that it's German, though.
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