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Now $815!
I will definitely look into the above. Any thoughts on government auctions? How about a 2004 Civic LX 2Door 125k Miles for $3800? Thanks!
Im going to be commuting from Staten Island to Jersey City.
Few left. Updated
Thanks for the help guys! Any thoughts on the following: Found a 2004 Civic 2D LX 127K Miles for $4200 Asking (negotiable) Also saw the one below http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/ctd/1754554550.html 2005 Civic DX 116,173 Miles - $5400 Any thoughts? Thanks!
I did find a 04 Civic LX with 127k miles for an asking price of $4200, which sounds like an okay deal, and also a 05 Civic for about $5300. Do smaller used car dealerships mark up prices alot more than private sellers? I may head out to a few this week.
Thank you, Im a bit weary about trusting craigslist, but hope I can find someone around me that knows what they are doing.
Any help?
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