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Any places I should absolutely go to? will only be there for 2 days Thanks
I know this may be the wrong place to put this but am hoping to get some advice on this situation. I have a broken window in my apartment (see below). What would be the most cost-effective way of fixing this without doing it myself. I dont quite care about the quality as I do not own the place, as long as it is the cheapest way to do it and neat. I am located in the Bronx NY if anyone has any recommendations on individuals or companies. Should I be looking on craigslist?...
Just to clarify. I have no problems paying it off monthly. My question is would it be okay to pay it off earlier and more often (say weekly) just so I don't hit my credit limit and if it would in fact affect my credit score in the long run.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Cut that bitch up now. Credit is a mugs game. It is until you need to take out a mortgage or car loan.
Would one increase my worthiness over the other? I am a student and have just received new credit and my line is only $500 so I can only use up about $100 at a time to keep utlization low. I would like to use it more but am worrying if I pay it off right away my credit will not build up Thanks
Should I be paying off my card once a month before the date or would it be acceptable to pay it off as many times as I want. Which should I be doing to help increase and create credit the fastest. Thanks
Hello, I'm heading to Paris and Milan over spring break (3/12-3/18) and would like to ask any previous visitors for advice regarding the following. I have the flights and paris hotel booked but still need a milan hotel. 1. Besides the last supper in milan, is there any place or experiences I should book/reserve months or weeks in advance 2. Does anyone have any milan hotel recommendations? I'm going on a budget as I am a college student, looking for <$140 if...
Is this before or after he became president?
How does the balance trick or milk jug trick work anyways? How did they do it?
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