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Hello All, I'm heading to Milan/Paris for spring break 3/4 days each and wanted to ask two questions. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, being a college student, I am on a budget so not looking for anything too extravagant. 1) Any good recommendations for restaurants(Dinner, snack, crepes, gelato etc) 2) Any small inexpensive items that I should definitely purchase or take a look at while in Europe? Going to be working in a suit & tie environment next year so...
If I can't sleep until say 2/3/4 every night but sleep for about 9/10 hours per night, is this considered insomnia? Additionally, I suppose I do not try to sleep but just would rather be up doing something. Read that 20% of adults have some type of it and wondering whether I am one
Price Dropped
Nobody will buy that for $1300, maybe $500
Got 2 $100 giftcards to the steakhouse for sale $80 each if interested. PM me I can meet up in NYC and have 100+ ebay feedback with 100% rating Thanks
Its not a solid crease, just been sitting in my closet with maybe the other ties on top, Prices dropped, any decent offers will be accepted. Heck Ill take $25 for all of them!
I just found out that I was wrongly charged for electricity in my old apartment in that it was not shut off until 3 months after my move out date. A collections agency has just contacted me to pay the bill. They claimed to have my social security number (highly doubtful) as well as my name (which was spelled incorrectly by the representative and was wrong the whole time on the electricity bill) Considering that: A) I was wrongly charged B) I was at a very...
Prices dropped
Cheap Ties for Sale Shipping is $4 flat Will Sell ALL ties for $30 Shipped 3 JCrew Ties . Take ALL for $17 Shipped. ($5 Each) New (have been sitting in closet) From Left To Right New Original Penguin Skinny Tie ($5) John Varvatos Tie (Small stain on front, stitching undone in back) $5 Dunhill Tie (Small stain on narrow part and on end of tie) $5 New Umo Lorenzini (Sp?) red tie ($5 or FREE with any purchase)
Thanks for the tips. Anything for restaurants and such? It seems Yelp/tripadvisor isnt always the best place for such information. Perhaps two budget friendly local places and one more upscale
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