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Look at his username
Can anyone reccomend a decent tailor for a college student on a budget. Interested in fitting a jacket and some dress shirts for a decent price. Thanks! *yes i did search and nothing came up that was economical
Burberry Suit $35 - not my size, its 42R i think if anyone is interested Burberry Jacket $5 - not my size either =( Both have Saks tags on the inside, think id be ablt o get any $ off ebay for em?
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Are you living in Murray Hill? nope, y do u ask
getting my first "real job" this summer, gotta buy dress shirts/clothes/suits and i live in a dorm
cold machine wash ok? or hand wash? and i searched for cleaning shirts but diff materials require diff things
I just purchased 2 thomas pink shirts, used. Id like to clean em up before i wear them. They are white and light blue, can i cold wash them? or should i dry clean them? thanks
I searched the other 2 thrift store threads but would like to get more clarification if possible =D I read about century 21 and read that the ties are still around ~40 so it seems to still be somewhat of a higher end thrift store? In the other thread i was reading about people picking up decent suits for under $50, at which type of store would i find these at? The other stores mentioned are, Housing works, Angel Street, City opera, Goodwill Any help is very...
Are these pair of dior dress pants, off of a cheaper line than the original? I think they may be off the kids line? There size 30 though There was a dillards tag on it, i ended paying $15 for em off the bay thanks
The first pair are ferragamo, hopefully i can get them for under 150, there slightly used but retail is 300+ im assuming. If not, ill get the second pair perhaps,
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