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THanks for the outlets, definitely looking those up and heading to foxtown as well Any reccomendations accesory wise (ties and such?)
Heading to Milan, Italy on a budget. Does anyone have recommendations on things I can buy that aren't too expensive that I wouldn't be able to get out here in the states? Thanks
Well what I'm referring to is the shirt collar not even reaching the sides of the Vneck gap and looking awkward. I suppose my shirt collars are too small?
I recently purchased some v neck sweaters on sale that are quite deep. It seems that most agree that shirt collars look better tucked into sweaters, however it seems no shirt collar will fit under the neck of this type of sweater. Should I be wearing these more casually without a collared shirt? How do you guys do with yours? Heres a reference picture Thanks!
Any good budget restaurant reccomendations for the towns <40E PP if possible
Any good budget places in Paris or Milan? <40E a head if possible Thanks in advance (Going to Le Hide, Frenchie, Au Bougnat as of now)
Are AMEX traveler's checks the best way to bring money overseas? (To Paris) My bank (BofA) does have a partnership with BNP which will allow me free atm uses, but am wondering if I will get stung on the exchange rate? Thanks
Thanks for the help guys. Any tips on things I shoul definitely bring back that won't break the bank (Fashion related or any other things)
How do the markets relate to working at BB?
Any tips?
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