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Quote: Originally Posted by tr1p7s To about where would the OP ask the tailor take up the sleeves? Ah yes, considering I'll be going to a budget tailor, what would the forum recommend?
Thanks for the help gents. Would any average tailor be able to take care of this sufficiently? Also, the suit is from Reiss (british brand I believe)
Hello, Got my first suit for a few interviews coming up. Received it as a gift so can't return it, hopefully I won't get ripped apart too badly on forums in terms of fit. I come in search for recommendations on what I should tell my tailor (aside from sleeve/pant shortening), as well as a tailor itself, in the NYC area (anywhere in manhattan). I'm somewhat on a budget and would like to spend less than $70 total in alterations if possible. The definitive tailor guide...
I have 3 Plastic Tom Ford Suit Hangers w/ Velvet Attachments Price is $20 Each ($6 Shipping) If you purchase all 3 - shipping is free Took this picture from another thread - Cant remember where as it was saved on my comp. Please let me know if you mind!
Delete Thread Please
How much for ALL of them
Selling a brand new in box otterbox defender IPAD case. Available to meetup in NY. Also willing to ship for $35. Please email any quesitons/concerns. Thank You!
Well I'll be arriving at 11am and my flight is 11pm so I would really like to avoid the traffic. Im thinking about taking the train and maybe finding somewhere to check my bags, either that or the black cat I suppose.
Hello anyone with tokyo experience would be apprecaited! I have a 12 hour layover in tokyo , but am transferring from Narita to Haneda and would like to see a bit of the city (or at least have some sushi, hopefully its safe) Should I check in my bags at Haneda then go back out into the city? Or would you recommend carrying my luggage with me? Also, what would be the most efficient way of doing this transfer? via train perhaps?
Quick sale for my ties as I am moving (Shipping $4) If you are interested in more than 3, I can do free shipping J.Crew - These are all new without tags - $5 EACH Pierre Cardin Ties $5 Each Most new, or worn once/twice From Left to Right Pierre Cardin $5 - Polo Slim Tie $15 - Brooks Brothers Sheep $20 - Sold - Banana Republic Knit $10 Left to Right Original Penguin Slim Tie $5 - Stained Dunhill tie $5 - Slightly Damaged J.Varvatos Tie $5 (Tag on back loose / small...
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