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Hey CC, I was looking at some Lindbergs and Prodesigns at First Markham Place and I saw a few frames where the plastic was very thin and very light. Is that some sort of new trend? I don't think I've seen that style before. It was these ones: and (scroll down to see more images) Thanks in advance!
iPhone 5 case: The site's legit, but shipping takes forever. It usually takes one month, but one time, it took three months. Having said that, I've always received my product eventually.
Is it lame to wear an International if I'm not a motorcyclist?
Sporting Life on Yonge has a decent selection.
Dumb observation: buttons are SNS Stark-esque. [[SPOILER]]
It's actually only 17" p2p, but it's very stretchy. [[SPOILER]]
5'9, 135 lb, XS Calgary [[SPOILER]] Can still layer [[SPOILER]]
Goddamn, that'd be perfect on me. Maybe the store I bought it from (grr.. Nomad) hanged it instead of folded it before I bought it. I heard someone mention something about hanging will stretch it.
My back pockets are like 95% covered, not just 5% a la RKD. [[SPOILER]]
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