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1. LS Men's Clothing on 45th Street. Izzy will get an excellent H. Freeman MTM suit for you at 1/2 the price of a Samuelsohn from Paul Stuart; maybe 90% as good, but being MTM, it may fit better. You will have to wait a few weeks, but you will only pay $700 or thereabouts. 2. Paul Stuart. You can get it off-the-rack if you are in more of a hurry. The prices are about 25% more than a regular $900-$1,100 Samuelsohn, but the material is more distinctive and of a higher...
BLT Steak in the downtown W Hotel may have the best cooking in the City at present. Be sure to try the short ribs. The popovers are yummy!
I was just in Milan for 4 days, November 24-27. It had been many years since our last visits, in 1982 and 1984. Things have changed, none really for the better. It is still majestic in places, but with many beggars and hawkers. We saw lots of tourists at the Duomo and the Galleria on Saturday and Sunday, but none were English-speaking. Many were Asians. Years ago, we used to see scores of very elegantly dressed older men, strutting around, Benito style, with their hands...
I believe that I posted that in response to a claim that we only had babecue joints here in Atlanta. Actually, we have a rather limited number of places here where the patons and the staff all speak French.However, I still take my wine basket and huge stemwear to nealry every place we go, with the exception of places like Popeye's (where my wife and I dined superbly for lunch on Friday). My wine basket still confuses Atlanta waiters, most of whom have never seen one and do...
NY Times-October 9, 2012 About some of those exhausting tasting menus Critic’s Notebook Nibbled to Death Technical mastery and a sensitivity to nature’s forms distinguish Matthew Lightner’s 28-course tasting menu at Atera. This meal began with a beer macaron with sturgeon caviar. By PETE WELLS ONE of the most inviting openings to a restaurant meal I’ve ever heard came when I had closed the menu at Bouley and a server asked, “What shall we cook for you this evening?”...
Strange, but I almost remember that a very lovely lady, sitting next to you at a celebration at a certain grand hotel in London on September 1, told me that when she ate at the French Laundry, her waiter would not stop talking and treated her and her companions like rubes.
I do. And I always request: Please no first name introduction by waiter. Do not call us "folks" or "you guys." Do not say: "I will be taking care of you tonight," "do you have any questions about the menu?," "awesome," fantastic," "amazing," "good choice," or "still working on that?" Do not snatch anyone's plate away before everyone at the table is finished with the course. Do not present the bill (saying "I'll take that whenever you are ready") before I ask for it.
Huntsman Anderson & Sheppard Henry Poole Kilgour, French & Stanbury John Lobb of St. James G.J Cleverly Henry Maxwell Foster & Sons Edward Green Crockett & Jones Gaziano & Girling Church's English Shoes Hilditch & Key Turnbull & Asser New & Lingwood Drakes Atkinson's Irish Poplin Charvet John Lobb (Paris) Norman Hilton Troy Shirtmakers Guild Alden Johnston & Murphy handmade Brooks Brothers own make Martin Greenfield Samuelsohn
Hong Kong gave me the "hard sell" about buying a suit from it. Brooks Bros. suggested I try Star Alterations on Piedmont Road accross from the old Gold Club location. It is not very friendly, but it does good work, and is fast and reasonable.
Yes. You have gone as low as you can go with those trousers. Why try to improve things with even slightly decent footwear?
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