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Strictly speaking the OP wearing a suit IS because of colonialism as he lives in the US and the entire culture is because of colonialism - so the job he goes to is a result of colonialism. Is the suit any more a result of colonialism than everything else around him? Certainly not. I don't think the question is legitimate, I think it's deliberately provocative and designed to stir the pot. Or to use netspeak: My Trolldar is going off.I still disagree about Chinese becoming...
OP is incredibly vague, and to post something like this on styleforum? Troll? I don't think Chinese will be the next dominant business language. I think English will remain one of the main business languages, even if others increase in popularity. Chinese doesn't really have a chance to become the dominant business language - it's to hard to learn for starters. Also, China is teaching it's population to speak English - and a great deal of the Chinese speaking business...
Australia is pretty terrible for price too. Nissan GT-Rs are about five times cheaper in the UK with the current exchange rate. A friend of mine is selling his mid-low km mid 2000s Audi RS6 in the UK for about the same as I bought my 10 year old (at the time) Honda Integra in Aus. In Australia an RS6 of that quality is worth 3-4 times what he's asking. Anyway, here's my advice - keep in mind that this is based on someone who's mainly interested in smaller 80s-90s JDM...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rush Good looking cars here guys. I used to have a 1994 Supra Turbo until I sold it towards the end of '08. Now I drive a white '04 Navigator, but no pictures of that. Niiiice. Too bad you sold it.
I just tried opening wiki.styleforum.net and it just comes up with a blank page? Tried it twice now. What's up?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJmanbearpig But I walked out of that theatre feeling that despite all the action that happened, I was still waiting for something to happen and the movie to begin. I enjoyed the movie, but I sort of felt the same way. At the end when it shoes the title again, I turned to my friend and said jokingly "That was a long prelude." That's how it felt to me. A very middle child prelude movie.
SPOILER WARNING: Although I think everyone has already seen it, I thought I'd put that warning up there. Did anyone else think it was totally rediculous that the hotel had hydrogen fuel cells all over it, rather than in a big battery bunker? I also thought the scene where they are waiting in the fire to die was a bit weak. Plus the explosion resulting from shooting that hydrogen cell would have killed everyone in the room, so there's another bit of realism gone. It kind...
Quote: Originally Posted by AC7 I suggest a lime green blazer, bright orange pants, silver tie, purple shirt, red top hat, and sequined shoes. Trust me, it will work. And I suggest you go visit the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and just for kicks, get into the sarcophagus somehow, find some FCM and use is as an exfoliate with your showers from now on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rayford Booth Ok. But i will be needing to wear a suit. I was originally thinking to wear white as i have been told it looks pretty good one me. Any comments on a suit color/style? Thanks Black, midnight blue or perhaps charcoal or mid gray, but it really depends on what suits you. I'd go with black or navy blue for myself.
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