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Does anyone know how to effectively remove a soda stain from the beeswax leather desert boots w/o scuffing them up? I'm too worried about messing them up(even though I like the way they've already been worn in) that I'm considering just leaving them as part of their patina. Any suggestions?
Also any leads on footwear for the oncoming season? Have DB's, looking for a little more tread and traction. Price range up to 200. Thanks
Anyone catch any good alternatives to a peacoat for the winter weather? I live in NC so it doesn't get too cold...Thanks in advance! Have a shawl collar wool peacoat from Bally, need to change it up a bit this season.
wrong color for me but i like the look sans standard rubber captoe.
so is there a difference in fit between the Dockers D1 soft slim fit and the signature slim?
Chalk it up to poor choices I guess.
Anyone have any thought on these?
Making noise @ the coffee house.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowlie ok my hair is crazy thick and curly and impossible to manage. what can i do with it?? atm i jsut keep it real short, i was thinking or growing it out into an orlando bloom type thing. sorta shoulderlegnth and straight buy wavy? i have a big nose too so it might balance it out?? My hair is quite wavy/curly, and currently i'm growing it out(wether that's acceptable or not, i don't really care). I find it quite...
Would captoe or brogues look best with khaki waders? i don't wear boat shoes, i have a pair of vans authentics, and beeswax DB's but need something not so casual. thanks!
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