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Rare, but at least warm in the middle, whatever that translates to. I ordered a well done steak in Paris once "” what can I say "” at some small, not very remarkable, place. It's possible they misunderstood, but I like to think they wanted to teach me something; I got the rarest piece of meat I ever ate, I think.
Not overly fond of flavoured teas, but Tesco's self-brand loose leaf Earl Grey was surprisingly passable; certainly if you drink it overly steeped and with milk as it should be. (And cheap enough to boot.)
Dark 'n' stormy on Appleton Extra and, regrettably, Schweppes' ginger ale. Making my own ginger beer is a project for a rainy day.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom I imagine it would taste like shit, or you could get the same effect if you took a can of Guinness and float a couple shots of Vodka in it. I had a beer which had a 12% alcohol and it tasted like shit. It's unfair to extrapolate this to all high-alcohol beers. Not one of the barley wines I've had tasted bad. Sam Adams Utopia, which is admittedly only 27% seems popular enough, although it is a fair bit...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector don't use gedit, that is a gnome GUI text editor, use vi, the global *nix text editor. Vi is kind of hard to learn, so you can use TextEdit by going 'sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts' Nano works well enough for this kind of stuff too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piato Writeroom if you like the ultra minimalist--full page black screen with light text. I do believe Pages 4 has a similar mode.
The Hyperion Omnibus. It's quite captivating, although Simmons seems to recycle a lot of concepts in Ilium/Olympos which I read before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo There are several programs that combine all the options inside one app. I know Adium for Mac has everything under the kitchen sun (not sure about gchat though). I know there is a way to send a text via IM but I can't remember it off the top of my head. Google Talk is just an implementation of XMPP/Jabber, so it works under that.
I saw this film at the cinema, when I was little. Never since, though, although I've thought about it a few times.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang How about that Apple version of Comic Sans that they use on the iPhone Notes? What's that called? If it's the same that is used in the Mac OS X Stickes app, it's Marker Felt. It's not much like Comic Sans MS though.
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