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Can I reserve the brown one? I am interested in more, so i'll wait on the rest
Interested in the Pocket Squares
Within a week is fast enough for me. I don't except a seller to drop everything for the few bucks he earned on that sale. Maybe it's diffrent for me; I live overseas (the Netherlands) and most shipments take two weeks to get here in the first place, so a few days extra doesn't matter to me. If someone is a powerseller on ebay or is a 'professional' seller I expect it to be shipped a little faster, but if that doesn't happen it's no problem.
Can you please post a pic wearing one of those? I am not sure about the drape/fit of those jackets.
Why is this not a size small....
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Fleece? That is polyester right?
Send a PM about: A. 60% Silk / 40% Cotton - $40 1. 100% Cashmere - $45 7. 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - $45
I love the design of the case, but hate the colour.
PM sent about numer 8
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