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Have to agree. I know there are some negative comments about it, but the suit I have in Frontier is rock solid, nearly as good as Lesser's 9.5/10 oz. I'm getting ready to order another.
Has there been any announcement as to when the New York store will open?
Looks like Riviera
Fedoras can have a C or teardrop crease "concentric to the top of the head" as well as a center dent. Trilbys are distinguished by a more tapered and lower crown and a shorter brim that is more upturned in the back. They were traditionally softer than fedoras. Differences are of degree, not kind. For some examples: http://dieworkwear.com/post/44634996755/the-rambler
I have the midnight blue both oxford and fina grenadine. I also have the navy grossa grenadine. All great ties. I think the midnight oxford is the most useful of them all.
Proportions look perfect to me. The only thing attention grabbing is the color and that only if worn with charcoal suit.
As another data point, I'm a 12D or 12E in most American shoes, 11F in G&G,11E with fitting adjustments in Anthony Cleverly, and while my first pair of St. Crispin's was a 10.5F, Phillip Carr recommended a 10.5F for the left foot and 10G for the right. I don't own any EGs, so don't know what my size is there.
Thanks. Not sure of the name or the model number. I just grabbed the picture off Ethan from the Armoury's Tumbler and showed it to Phillip.
My answers are much the same as the others. I own one pair of St Crispins. Phillip checked the fit on my foot both sitting and standing, then watched me walk around in them a bit. I spent some time talking to him about the shoes and making choices about what I wanted to order while wearing the shoes. I'd just spent two hours driving from San Diego, so he wanted to see if my feet would swell a bit. Then we went through the same process again. After that, Phillip had me...
New Posts  All Forums: