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As I was shining a pair of G&G Cambridge, the polish on the toe turned a bit cloudy then rubbed away. Looking at it, I think I'm going to have to strip the entire toe. Any way around this?
Frontier is 11 or 10.5/11 IIRC.Also Fine Classics.
I haven't found this. My St C trees fit at least as snugly as my Anthony Cleverly trees, and my right foot is a G width. Could St C have supplied you with the wrong trees?
How much was the upcharge for the croc adelaide?
email or the website contact form
I only have two nailheads from the book, so I could be wrong. It is a great fabric. I wish they would bring it back.
I remember the Lesser 9.5/10 having the weaves/patterns I mentioned. Am I wrong?
IME, the 12/13 oz finmeresco is slightly less open weave and wears just a bit warmer than 10 oz fresco.Harrison's has been incredibly helpful in mailing multiple swatches to me.I'll be really interested to see this book. I've been impressed by Frontier. It's a near perfect weight for eight or nine months of the year here in SoCal. But the panama weave means no sharkskins, birdseyes, or herringbones. Looks as though Regency plugs that gap. Also makes me curious if...
I've been having suits made by Chan since 2006. I've been more pleased with the attention to detail and consistency in recent years than when I started using them--with one exception: two years ago, I received a pair of pants with one set of forward pleats and one reversed. That should never have gone out the door. Otherwise, my last few suits, both those ordered on tour and those for which I've been in Hong Kong to have fittings, have been impeccable. As far as attention...
I don't own any black St. Crispin's shoes but my experience is that the leather they use is as good as or better than any. I've owned EG, don't now, and own both G&G and Anthony Cleverly in addition to St. Crispin's and Santoni FAM limited editions. I'd put EG leather quality ahead of G&G but slightly behind St. Crispins and Cleverly.
New Posts  All Forums: