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There are also nice hopsacks in Harrison's Fine Classics and Minnis Classic II if you're looking for a lighter weight.
As always the answer is, it depends. I wear an 11 UK in G&G, Anthony Cleverly, and C&J, but a 10.5 in St. C.
I have the TU220XW. It's a great bag, but I do not pack my suits into it the way that B&R intends. I use the insert for trousers, wrapping them carefully, the turning on side (shoulder of the jacket inside out, I tuck the other side into it (like this http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-pack-a-suit-2013-10?op=1 ) and lay it into the suiter compartment. The pants are added next and then the part of the jacket extending beyond the suiter compartment is folder over the...
True,but I find it impossible to judge the shade of fabrics from those website pictures. You don't need to have the fabric in hand before your visit. I've regularly confirmed my fabric choice a week or two after Patrick visits.
Chan still has access to Lesser even if they don't have the books with them on this tour. You can contact Harrison's who will send you swatches to pick from. I've done this a number of times when the books I was interested in weren't brought on tour.Limniscate, see if you're really standing naturally in that pic. For some reason, we all tend to stand with this shoulders back, hips forward stance when taking a picture, and this throws off the fit of the pants. I'd also...
Next time I'm in Chicago, I'll try to make it to the main store.
Funny, I stopped in the downtown Optimo store several months ago and was told they would only do Milans in a standard relatively low teardrop creased crown. I wish I'd known a hat like yours was possible. Don't know when I'll next be back in Chicago.
I could be wrong but I recall an older iteration of St Crispin's website suggesting that saddle soap be used for cleaning very dirty shoes.
I've been in the HK store three or four times. Each time I was on a stopover in HK on the way back from diving in Indonesia, so I was dressed in some combination of jeans, shorts, ratty t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, etc--oh and wearing a cheap Seiko dive watch. Despite this, and even though I was only looking and told them so--though possibly to purchase later--the staff was extraordinarily helpful, bringing out shoes for me and my son to try on, answering questions...
New Posts  All Forums: