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Norcal, did you ever post your step by step tutorial on antiqueing?
Yes, I meant the entire process with shirts. It's as though a new (and incorrect) pattern was used this time.
I've had a number of issues regarding either fit or details. Each has been addressed by Chan when I have asked. Sometimes though, it's just not worth the hassle of sending the suit back and I've relied on a local tailor to correct the problem. That said, I think some of this is in the nature of using a tailor who is not local. My guess is that the issues I have had would have been eliminated had I been in Hong Kong and able to have fittings. In fairness to Chan, I...
I wish you'd posted this yesterday. I just ordered two mediums from them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey brown shoes require color coordination. even dark brown shoes are a color. they are not neutral. to make brown shoes work with a navy outfit, it has to be the right brown. an orange-ish brown like cognac is easy with a navy suit, because orange and navy love each other, but i would only do that in bright light (say to be outdoors on a sunny day). i only wear black shoes at night. and there are a bunch of earth toned...
I think most of the time grey and bue suits look better with black than brown shoes. To make brown shoes work, real care has to be taken with shirt and tie combos so that the shoes tie in. Often brown shoes worn with dark business suits look like one is trying too hard to stand out. This is particularly true of light tan shoes with darker suits, very hard to pull off.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkoak I actually did not like mine and sold these some time ago. They're just too bulky and didn't fit with any of my work suits. Maybe they fit better for someone who wears country lifestyle outfits or jeans. I like my Alden AF41 a lot better: I love these shoes. It's one of the few for which I would happily pay full retail. Unfortunately Adam has no size 12 left and will not be ordering any more. ...
I fly AA 90% of the time. Getting use of the closet if you are not in first is a crapshoot.
It seems as though all delivery times are creeping up. When I ordered a suit last Friday, Patrick estimated a delivery in early March, so more than three and a half months. My memory may be off, but I recall that only a year or so ago, delivery time was under three months.
I think the finishing on my penny loafers is sloppier than that on the wingtips. There is aslo a fair difference in shade between the left and right shoe. Having said that, I think they're a decent deal for $300. The only real alternative if you want a cordovan loafer is the Alden LHS for $500. I've had mine for maybe two years and have gotten plenty of use from them. And, of course, they get better looking with age.
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