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Quote: Originally Posted by mrkleen Fair play. You will be well outfitted when the spring rains arrive as well. We have no spring rains in San Diego, but they're great for the beach.
I second the recommendations for Briggs & Riley. At least as good as Tumi and far more reasonably priced.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcate3 My sense from experience and the pics posted here is that Chan, while flexible, will still give you a more structured jacket. Then again, I've never asked for or seen here a soft Chan, so I could be wrong. Patrick will make a soft suit but not an unstructured one. The suits I have from him have very minimal padding (maybe 1/8" thick) and are very soft through the chest, etc. However, even though I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by mrkleen Completely agree. The worst insult you could make about someone when I was in school, was to accuse them of wearing high waters. As it was when I was in school. As a result, I always hemmed my pants as long as possible--just touching the heel of my shoe. Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian Thank goodness this argument is repeated so often. Imagine how many more people...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Such poses always make it hard to assess fit. They also make me wonder if the wearer feels like he needs to pose a certain way in order for the suit to look right. I've noticed that I unconsciously do this myself with things that don't fit the best. I've found myself doing this and ruining the look of an otherwise perfectly fitting garment. I don't do it when I just look in the mirror but rather only when...
I think the jacket's back quarters should be shorter. This may be a personal quirk, but when I'm standing straight, I like the hemline of the jacket to incline from front to rear. I also think you should shorten the pants.
Shoe, I forgot to say thank you for the great FAMs. Wonderful shoes. If you come across anything more in my size, let me know.
I need a new pair of frames and was thinking about the style Malcolm wore. Does anyone know who makes a really high quality pair of frames in this style?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Reuben: you must live near the water. because SD can get pretty damn hot a lot of days. especially in the summer, I guess that's true. I live in OB and work downtown, so I rarely go east of the 5.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will If by heavy weight you meant 10 ounce Crispaire rather than the 14, that should be wearable year-round in San Diego. I wear mine, and frescos of that weight, March through November in Northern California. But you've been habituated to the cold by your freezing summers. I do think I'll give the 10 0z. Crispaires a harder look. Will, is there anything you would particularly recommend from either...
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