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Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian It's the selection of good suitings that I found to be too limited. Gordon Yao carries H Lesser and will accept CMT so their cloth selection is a good deal better especially now that Minnis sells online. I'd agree on this. When I ordered my last suit, I had in mind a mid-grey sharkskin. I wanted to use a Minnis fabric but Chan had just discontinued CMT. There was nothing at all in the H&S...
Just received my Darltons. These are beautiful shoes. Cordovan is a gorgeous color. Workmanship is nice. The last is refined. So while the shoes are heavy, the overall effect is "chunky" not "clunky" or "gunboat" like the Alden or AE longwings. Unfortunately, I'll be in a suit tomorrow so won't get to wear them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston;I placed my order at 6am EST on Thursday and took the free shipping. My packages were rec'd at about 2 this afternoon. Nothing happens at polo.com over the weekend. They all went home. FWIW, my wife purchased a pair of Italian made Chelseas that seem very nice. They were originally priced at $550, marked down plus the 15%. They appear to be Blake rapid stitched with nailed heels and nails at the toe. I am pretty...
Did those of you who have received shipping confirmation choose expedited shipping? I chose standard and my order tracking shows "located in stock". Have yet to receive a shipping confirmation. Same for items I ordered for my wife.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Ruben, you rat. You're always stealing PRL shoes from me. You know what to do if you decide not to keep them, right? The early rat gets the cheese. If I decide not to keep them I'll drop you a line.
Prices for H&S Target were $1450 for two piece or $1900 for three. Seems the same as last time. Incidentally, based on something I had read here, I asked Patrick if it was possible to pay half immediately and half on delivery. He advised no.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Anyone want a pair of the cordovan Marlow/Darlton wingtip bluchers in a 10.5? I ordered 12s but received the wrong size. Speak now or i send them back this afternoon. They are not shop worn; they seem in fact to be in perfect condition. $349 + $6 shipping. A shame, because the 12s probably would have fit well. Crap. Private sale has them for the same price, but not in my size. Saved from myself...
I think the basted fitting for a first suit is a wise idea. I didn't do this and sent each of my first two suits back for somewhat substantial changes. While the first suit is now good, it's far from perfect. My second suit, after alterations, is close to perfect. But in the end, with sending the suits back, the process took as long as a basted fitting for a slightly less perfect result. I also agree with Alebrady: if you want a really soft suit, you need to ask...
Anyone notice prices for the Target 10-11 oz. book or the Harrison's Premier Cru?
I use a Gillette fatboy adjustable with Feather blades. You can find the Gillettes on Ebay at decent prices. I've found I like Proraso cream as much as any of the more expensive English ones. My personal preference is to lather on my face with brush as wet as possible. On brushes, don't skimp. Buy the best you can afford.
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