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I use a Gillette fatboy adjustable with Feather blades. You can find the Gillettes on Ebay at decent prices. I've found I like Proraso cream as much as any of the more expensive English ones. My personal preference is to lather on my face with brush as wet as possible. On brushes, don't skimp. Buy the best you can afford.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano For a price, Margarets does deliver... thats pretty convenient. Yes, but you need a minimum of 3 items. I never need more than one suit cleaned or pressed.
Can anyone recommend a good cleaner in San Diego (downtown or Point Loma)? I know about Margaret's but I'm looking for something more convenient.
Quote: Originally Posted by william I've been told by Shyam at Plal and customer service at C&J that 337/348 usually sizes down full size and most other lasts size down 1/2 size. This has been my personal experience so far as well, although I haven't tried the 341 last yet. I'd like to get the Westfield in Tobacco Suede soon though. He's been a little equivocal in his advice to me about the 341 last.
Anyone have experience with the 341 last? I'm an 11E in the 337, and as I mentioned above will probably order the same in the Brecon. But the 341 isn't quite as elongated as the 337, so I wanted to check on other's experiences with the last.
Chas, did you get the Brecon? Was the 11E a good fit?
Does anyone know what last is used on the C&J Sherwood, a plain toed derby available from Ben Silver? http://www.bensilver.com/fs_storefro...y=3775&group=1
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian That's probably very good advice. Will any of the travelling HK guys use a soft canvas, reduce the shoulder padding or add a bit of drape? I've been thinking about trying Chan or Yao or someone like that but it just doesn't sound like I'll be happy with the results or if I am, it will be the result of long painful negotiations - neither of which are good outcomes. My last Chan arrived with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will I believe it's still 450 pounds but I'm not certain. I shouldn't ask because it will only encourage me to make an appointment when I'm in DC next week, but is the entire amount billed upon ordering and is six months average delivery time?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Does Polo still have a decent stock of the Grants in non-black colors? I know it's not on the web site, and the Polo stores in California don't carry them. None of the California stores? I had assumed it was just San Diego and that Orange County or LA would carry them.
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