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Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent Thanks. It is a homburg. You should give us a good picture of you wearing it. I admire you hat wearers and am hoping to work up the courage to become one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent Thanks. I do on rare occasion wear the suit without the vest. The pants are sufficiently high-waisted to cause no concern from the open quarters. I really like the look. I may do a one button on my next order. Incidentally, is that a homburg you're wearing?
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Looks very good, I particularly like the open quarters beneath the buttoning point. Very elegant. Do you ever wear it without the vest or do the open quarters require that the vest be worn?
-1 on the 337 and 348 lasts. - 1/2 on the 325 and 314.
I guess I'm the only one, but, to me, the straps seem too short and the attachment point too high on the instep.
Can anyone suggest a Seiko model similar to the Monsters but smaller? I've got an Orange Monster and love it. My son needs a watch, likes the Monster but thinks it is a little too big.
I met with Joe Hemrajani in November and ordered a couple of shirts. Fabric was out of stock on one but the other arrived and I'm wearing it today. Shirt seems comparable to Chan with maybe a little cleaner stitching. The standard medium spread collar has a slightly longer point than Chan's and came with very nice brass collar stays. The collar I like. The stays I left at home so I wouldn't set off any courtroom metal detectors. (Is brass magnetic?) Fit seems good...
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah AE and Alden are great shoes, but is there anything sleeker and not as clunky with the same great value? An Alden on the Plaza last (my first Alden). In real life only slightly less sleek than my C&J 337 lasted shoes and appears to be about as nicely made except for stitching aloft.
Shoe, or others with experience, can you give me some info on how the U last would fit a high instep? Is there any common shoe to which you would compare the fit, i.e., C&J 337, 348, 350 etc.? I've really wanted to order a pair of U last for some time but have hesisitated since I have no ability to try on a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian I'm trying to decide between two Alden LEs: same last, same sole any thoughts? I've had that A of C model with the commando sole in my hands but the size wasn't right. It's an absolutely beautiful shoe. The appearance is beefy and casual. The Leathersoul model looks much dressier, like it could be worn with a suit. Actually, I'd get both if they were available in my size.
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