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The fabrics in the Classic II book seem a little softer than the older fabrics. Also, it's worth checking out Harrison's P&B Fine Classics. Very similar to Minnis but more patterns, and IMO nicer blues.
I think a two piece Minnis Fresco is still under $2000, though possibly just barely. The last suit I ordered from Chan in Dugdale's New Fine Wool was around $1800. But Dugdale may be one of the cheapest fabrics currently available from Chan. 2 piece suits in most fabrics are now in the mid-$2000 range. Chan's prices have climbed steeply over the past few years. Two or three years ago, a 2 piece Fresco suit was around $1300 and Harrison's premier cru was around $1800...
Big John Rare R008, 15.5 oz Ransei denim. Size 36. Now $ 105 shipped CONUS. Purchased from No Man Walks Alone: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/jeans/handmade-jeans-15-5oz-raw-denim-regular-straight.html From Big John's site: http://bigjohn-jeans.com/products/rare The 3rd generation RARE. Big John's flagship model RARE has been renewed as our company's 70th anniversary item in 2010. For this RARE, Big John worked with the most experienced craftsmen...
I've just received two pairs that were relasted to account for fit adjustments. These are pret adjustments not last modifications, but the results seem pretty good.
Thanks. Those are beautiful.
I'm wondering if anyone has ordered any slip ons from St. C and has any thoughts on them. I'm thinking about ordering a pair of 539s, the plain penny loafers.
I'm sure they can. I don't have a personalized last, just pret adjustments, but my right foot is shorter and wider, so Phillip started with a 10.5F for the left foot and a 10G for the right and made differing adjustments to each.
Can anyone comment on the qualities of Dugdale's New Fine Worsted vs. Harrison's Frontier? I met with Patrick Chu yesterday expecting to order a suit in Frontier which is good for fall/winter/spring here, but ended up choosing the Dugdale's. Now wondering if I made the correct choice.
Has anyone received their order from Patrick's spring LA visit?
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