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Haven't got a clue what accounts for the difference. By flimsy, I mean the fabric lacks body relative to its weight and doesn't drape as well as it might. I don't know that pictures would show anything. It's more a question of how the fabric feels.
I have two suits from the New Fine Worsted book. One is great, drapes wonderfully, resists wrinkles, wears cool--though maybe not as cool as Fresco. The other seems flimsy, wrinkles badly, and wrinkles don't drop out after a day or two of hanging. Can't explain the difference. The suit that wears well is a navy solid while the other is a blue glen plaid.
Is this from Optimo?
There was talk of the shrunken calf spotting in rain. I asked Phillip about it who assured me that there were no widespread problems. I ordered a pair of shrunken calf monks in the darkest brown. I've worn them in the snow and the rain and they look fine. I also have a pair of split toes in BUF. I like the BUF but in retrospect I think a CRU would have been better. The grain distracts from attention that should be on the hand stitching of the apron and toe.
I think it will depend alot on the last. I bought a pair of these for my wife:She's a slightly wide 6.5 US, 37 Euro, and the UK4 fit her well.
I like both the 16881 col 1 and col 2. Would order either.Would definitely order 15776_3. 15776-4 maybe.I have some other similarly patterned ties from both Drakes (several seasons ago) and Capelli. The patterns are not really small scale, more medium.
Love the blue undertone
I would go for a slightly less tight pinch but that's personal preference. Great looking hat. Is that dove felt?
I unfortunately ordered the wrong size, so if anyone is looking for a pair in 11UK or better yet wants to trade a 10.5, let me know.
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