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St Crispins "give" less and take longer to break in than any other shoe I've worn. Somewhere, there were pictures of all the lateral reinforcement St Crispins uses in their shoes.
Same for my right foot. In G&G, I wear an F width which feels significantly wider than this.
My most recent from Art Fawcett. Granite felt w/ near tone on tone ribbon and binding. Sorry for the lousy photos.
I don't think St. C waist is at all dramatic, but it is more elegant than standard G&G and EG. Never had Deco or Top Drawer, so don't know about those.
If you have any ability to get to a retailer who can do a fitting for pret adjustments, it's really worth the effort. St. C's ability to customize the shoe to fit your foot at small cost is one of the shoe's best features.
Two staple neckties by Sam Hober. Midnight blue and bitter chocolate. Both grenadine piccola grossa weave (slightly dressier). No snags or marks of any kind. 58" x 3.25". Bitter chocolate, untipped and hand rolled edge $60 shipped CONUS Midnight blue, self-tipped $50 shipped CONUS SOLD.
Is that dove felt?
St. Crispin run larger than typical UK shoes. I take an 11 in G&G but a 10.5 in St. Crispins.
I see. Just looked at the pics of the grey one, and the fit problem seems the same as that I had which was fixed by reducing the rear rise and taking in the seat. But as others have said, ask Patrick. Better to rely on a real tailor than internet critics.
Of course, it all depends on your build and posture, but I found I get a better fit without the fishtail.
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