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Skip charcoal and get a medium or even dark grey. Charcoal is much harder to wear.
I think that by default Chan makes a nicely finished suit that is pseudo-Neapolitan, quasi-"modern", and on the whole bland. It's a suit designed by committee (or by the internet). But it's possible to get a suit that doesn't fit this description if you make clear to Patrick what you want. Can you get a suit with the style and personality of an A&S double-breasted? Probably not. But Chan can and will make a very nice suit if you know what you want and ask for it. ...
Though I'm generally a fan of straight-sided, higher crowns, I agree. I think the Borsalino sisal has the best balance of crown and brim width for your face. But, I'd also suggest sending the pics along to Art and getting his input. He's very good at working with you to produce a great looking hat. You don't need to dictate crown height or brim width to the millimeter.
My experience is similar. I've had two pairs re-lasted to give me more room, particularly across the right foot but the difference is minor compared to the shoes that were lasted with correct adjustments from the beginning. However, the first of the two pairs has now stretched to point that it's entirely comfortable. The second is getting there. St. Crispins take a really long time to fully break in and stretch out.@Itsuo, what's the upcharge for a personal last? I'm...
I had forgotten about Hober because Black Watch was out of stock for so long. But, it occurred to me this morning and I placed an order. David's reppes are not quite matte but neither are they satin finished like Ben Silver's.
Will (A Suitable Wardrobe) used to carry these. I remember seeing that he had them. The next day I went to purchase and they were sold out. He has never restocked. I would gladly join a group purchase for this as well.
@brillopad, hope you'll press ahead on the cashmere knit. I haven't seen any available other than on Will's site and that was several years ago. Seems like the kind of basic but unavailable item that's perfect for this process.
LVC 1955s and 47s, so same idea.
Can anyone describe the difference between the 507 and 524? 507 on the left. 524 on the right. Also, for anyone who owns St C chukkas, do you find them casual enough to wear with workwear type jeans or khakis, or are they too sleek? .
The pictures I remember showed an additional layer of leather (kind of like a heel counter) running from the front of the heel to the toe along the side of the shoe. I wish I could find the pictures but I don't have any real recollection of where I saw them. My own experience is that St. Crispins take considerably longer to break in than my other shoes
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