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Haven't posted in a long time: Foo, yesterday, I was dressed much like Stitchy's fit above and wasn't pleased with the look. Can you talk a little bit about or give some examples of more monochromatic looks that work. Second, here's what I'm wearing today. Again, less than thrilled with it. Interested in your thoughts. Tie is actually dark bitter chocolate but the square is accurate.
. . . .
I was in HK earlier this week. Everyone but Jake was in Italy. Probably not checking emails.
It's a bit ridiculous. Something around $600. But it also really is worth trying on some of the other LVC cuts. There's alot of variation. All the cuts prior to 1960's are reasonably high waisted, and the Cone mills denim is nice.
Levi's meatpacking district will custom make jeans however you want them, and some of the LVC from earlier years are both quite high-waisted and full through the leg.
I read some positive comments about Minnis QZ when it became available and I have a couple of swatches that seem quite nice. I'm wondering if anyone has had anything made up in it.
She often takes a few days but I always receive a response from her. I received on yesterday changing my appointment date and location in response to a request I had sent two days earlier.
Didn't realize you meant the 9/10 oz. book. I have a couple of suits from this book. Both wear like iron. I wish Lesser hadn't stopped making the book.
Surprising. I've always heard the Lesser's tropical wears and performs like iron.
They usually have Minnis, Harrison's and W. Bill overcoat fabrics on the tour. Maybe some others that I don't recall.
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