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Yesterday: Today (shirt is pale blue check):
How does the Frontier compare to the 9/10 oz. Fresco? Can you where it comfortably when the temps are in the 80s?
Don't think it's folded. I think it's the dreaded "monkey fist." My folds (linen only) all look like this:Foo, is the fabric of the suit on the right something generally available or is it exclusive to Rubinacci?
In truth, I'm dressed in jeans and ocbd today but am posting an old pic to try to better understand your views on contrast and saturation. However, looking at the pic, I'm guessing it's the same cream silk from yesterday's outfit.
Suit is glen plaid, and, in deference to Foo's diktat, cream silk instead of white linen:
Has anyone had any mohair blend fabrics from the back of the Fresco II book made up? I was thinking # 577 might be interesting for a blazer suit.
Suggestions on the square?
Haven't posted in a long time: Foo, yesterday, I was dressed much like Stitchy's fit above and wasn't pleased with the look. Can you talk a little bit about or give some examples of more monochromatic looks that work. Second, here's what I'm wearing today. Again, less than thrilled with it. Interested in your thoughts. Tie is actually dark bitter chocolate but the square is accurate.
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New Posts  All Forums: