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I thought the P2 was no good for you?Question, I had tried a 45.5 on the F last and the length was good (perfect for left foot, a little long for right) but the width was just a tad too narrow for comfort. I'm thinking about a budapest or norweger on either the P3 or Budapest last. Should 45.5 still be the right size?
I think I'm going to stick with micro-checks or hairline stripes with these sorts of ties.I agree, but I was already running late, and didn't want to run back upstairs to get one. I need to leave a white linen square at the office.
Tried this: Then this: Hated them both and went without a square. Another day: Pic is a bit oversaturated. Today:
That's a nice collar.
FWIW, most of my ties are 59" and I'm 6' even. Most of my suit pants are high waisted and 59" is the longest that will work with them but still works with regular pants. For these, I went with 3 fold, untipped, hand rolled edges.
Probably 59 or 57 ". I'm not wearing it today. That's an old picture. Why do you ask?
Sorry, pocket square is sold.
The vintage cherry is great and more versatile than it appears at first glance, but it's still a color you have to take into account when dressing. Not something you can throw on without thinking. For a first pair of G&G, I would get something I could wear more often, vintage oak or rioja.
New Items and Price Drops Newly Added: Hober Macclesfield, navy with blue, cream, and lavender, untipped, hand rolled, $50 All prices are shipped CONUS. International Shipping at cost.
In case it helps, here's a shot of #84 in real life:
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