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After seeing your post, I downloaded the look book. Very helpful, not so much for leather colors but for model numbers and how the different models look on different lasts.
Is this the chiseled last or something bespoke? Anyone able to compare the fit of the the chiseled relative to the classic?
I didn't ask but it didn't feel too heavy, maybe 11 oz or so.
I stopped at my tailor yesterday saw this swatch sitting on his workbench. He told me one of his wealthier customers had sent a 40 year old jacket into W. Bill and asked them to duplicate it in cashmere. He had two identical jackets made of the material. Of course, he was required to pay for 20 or 30 meters, but is being reimbursed as the remainder of the run is sold. Fabric was quite beautiful in real life. Sorry for the crappy iphone pics. Mktitsworth, I'm...
Is there anywhere to easily view all of St. Crispin's various leathers?
Just arrived from the LSBH trunk show. Rounded U cap adelaide in dark bordeaux. Phillip Carr fit me in a 10.5F for the left foot, 10.0G for the right with last adjustments at the ball of foot of both shoes. Fit is the most perfect I have ever had in a shoe. I may have bought my last pair of shoes from anyone else.
1. Color is a medium to medium dark grey, definitely not even close to charcoal. In some lighting, I detect a slight blue undertone, but other times it disappears so I'm not completely sure if it's there or not. 2. I can't see any other measurements except the hemming, but I can't be absolutely sure. My brother is out of country and difficult to contact. 3. Pants have a single pleat. Jacket is double vented. 4. Measurements, except jacket length are halved. So...
Beautiful W.W.Chan Grey Nailhead suit. Holland & Sherry Target super 120s fabric. 2B Jacket has minimal shoulder padding and soft construction. Pants are double forward pleats with braces back. $100 shipped CONUS Suit is roughly a 44 regular. Measurements are: Jacket Chest 23 Waist 21 Length (from back of collar) 31 Pants Waist 18.5 Inseam 29
Looks like a well worn trilby.
I lived in Manhattan for many years, so I know better than to expect California faux cheer but courtesy and helpfulness don't seem like too much to ask.
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