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I was looking at the book in part because, in a thread at LL, Frank Shattuck had said very good things about it.
The dominant background color is actually the salmon, but the green/turquoise is fairly prominent. That's why I asked.FYI, this isn't me. Its from the Alan See's blog and something I liked but never would have thought of, let alone done, so I was interested in your thoughts. Thanks for the commentary.The great thing about this thread is that it has me thinking about how I dress. Much of the time, I'm on autopilot, a grey or blue suit, any blue or blue and white shirt,...
Do you think the two wear about the same--in terms of temperature?
This looks nice. [/quote]516 is standard navy. Finmeresco 3044 is a nice brighter navy
Square fail or no? Suit is a lighter navy, not midnight as it appears in the photo,: Also curious on thoughts about this:
And helpful, as is the website:http://www.samhober.com/customties/custommadetieguide.htm
Clearing out some ties, I've never or rarely worn: Panta grey herringbone cashmere 6 fold, unworn, SOLD Kiton six fold, blue with gold stripes, unworn, $50, Facconable cashmere, burgundy with blue, worn 1x, SOLD Drakes, navy with white bar stripe, unworn, SOLD Sam Hober, woven navy pindot, worn 2 or 3x, SOLD All prices shipped CONUS
I like the tie but agree on the square.With odd jackets? I think this rarely looks right.Agree. My better judgement was overcome by Foo's advocacy of cream silk. White linen would have been better.Not so bright, and not so obtrusive in real life. I can't manage to take accurate color pics with an iphone.[/quote]
Yesterday: Today (shirt is pale blue check):
How does the Frontier compare to the 9/10 oz. Fresco? Can you where it comfortably when the temps are in the 80s?
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