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New Items and Price Drops Newly Added: Hober Macclesfield, navy with blue, cream, and lavender, untipped, hand rolled, $50 All prices are shipped CONUS. International Shipping at cost.
In case it helps, here's a shot of #84 in real life:
Over at A Suitable Wardrobe today, Will has a post repeating and clarifying his dislike of blue shirts with grey jackets as being directed more specifically toward charcoal. http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/2013/02/i-contradict-myself-sometimes.html. I'm curious what others think about this. I recently received my first real charcoal suit, and I frequently find that the combinations that work well with my lighter greys don't look quite right with it? For example,...
I was looking at the book in part because, in a thread at LL, Frank Shattuck had said very good things about it.
The dominant background color is actually the salmon, but the green/turquoise is fairly prominent. That's why I asked.FYI, this isn't me. Its from the Alan See's blog and something I liked but never would have thought of, let alone done, so I was interested in your thoughts. Thanks for the commentary.The great thing about this thread is that it has me thinking about how I dress. Much of the time, I'm on autopilot, a grey or blue suit, any blue or blue and white shirt,...
Do you think the two wear about the same--in terms of temperature?
This looks nice. [/quote]516 is standard navy. Finmeresco 3044 is a nice brighter navy
Square fail or no? Suit is a lighter navy, not midnight as it appears in the photo,: Also curious on thoughts about this:
And helpful, as is the website:http://www.samhober.com/customties/custommadetieguide.htm
Clearing out some ties, I've never or rarely worn: Panta grey herringbone cashmere 6 fold, unworn, SOLD Kiton six fold, blue with gold stripes, unworn, $50, Facconable cashmere, burgundy with blue, worn 1x, SOLD Drakes, navy with white bar stripe, unworn, SOLD Sam Hober, woven navy pindot, worn 2 or 3x, SOLD All prices shipped CONUS
New Posts  All Forums: