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Did you hear this from LSBH? I haven't heard anything from them.
Santoni makes shoes at a lot of different quality levels and in a lot of styles ranging from terrible to classic. I have a pair of limited edition Santoni FAMs. Quality of leather and work is comparable to my St. Cs and Anthony Cleverly shoes, significantly better than my G&G. After 8 years of hard wear, and one rebuild, they look as good or better than the day I received them.
Don't know how or why the knees became shiny, and praying while wearing a suit isn't a common activity for me. I also brush my suits after wear. Of course, my experience is only one data point, so take it for what it's worth.
I like my finmeresco suit but the knees became shiny quicker than any other suit I have.
Similar results here. My left foot is a 12D and right 11.5 between D and E on Brannock device. My first pair of St. Crispins were 10.5 F, which is okay but not ideal. Pair fitted by Phillip Carr will be 10.5F left foot and 10G right foot, with fitting adjustments at ball of foot on each.
Thanks. Seems to be missing from the book I have. Do you know the fabric #?
Is that the navy with a lilac windowpane?
Have to agree. I know there are some negative comments about it, but the suit I have in Frontier is rock solid, nearly as good as Lesser's 9.5/10 oz. I'm getting ready to order another.
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