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Patrick always does the fittings on tour.It's difficult to tell anything about the fit of the pants without them pinned. The jacket looks good, but, at the fitting, I would pay attention to sleeve length which looks a little long, and it looks as though maybe the back will need a bit of cleaning up. At fittings, I raise issues with Patrick, but my default is to defer to his judgment.
Decided I had no choice but to strip it. The shoes are two or three years old and had never been stripped. I think the layer of wax had become too thick and I'd probably used too much water leading to the separation of the wax layer. In any case, stripped off the old wax with turpentine, then refinished. Here is is after, two coats of cream, three of paste applied dry, and three or four more applied with a drop of water.
As I was shining a pair of G&G Cambridge, the polish on the toe turned a bit cloudy then rubbed away. Looking at it, I think I'm going to have to strip the entire toe. Any way around this?
Frontier is 11 or 10.5/11 IIRC.Also Fine Classics.
I haven't found this. My St C trees fit at least as snugly as my Anthony Cleverly trees, and my right foot is a G width. Could St C have supplied you with the wrong trees?
How much was the upcharge for the croc adelaide?
email or the website contact form
I only have two nailheads from the book, so I could be wrong. It is a great fabric. I wish they would bring it back.
I remember the Lesser 9.5/10 having the weaves/patterns I mentioned. Am I wrong?
IME, the 12/13 oz finmeresco is slightly less open weave and wears just a bit warmer than 10 oz fresco.Harrison's has been incredibly helpful in mailing multiple swatches to me.I'll be really interested to see this book. I've been impressed by Frontier. It's a near perfect weight for eight or nine months of the year here in SoCal. But the panama weave means no sharkskins, birdseyes, or herringbones. Looks as though Regency plugs that gap. Also makes me curious if...
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