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I see. I'd love to wear 14-15 oz wools, but those would be unbearable even in San Diego's "winter", when our highs average in the low 60s. In fact, it's almost time to put away my 12 oz. worsteds for year. Still disappointed to hear about Drapers durability. They're a bit pricey to be disposable. But I may go ahead anyway. I had a particular grey nailhead in mind and the Drapers came closest that.
Funny, it seemed a pretty sturdy cloth. Do you have something made up in it?
I met with Patrick Chu today expecting to pick something out of the Crispaire book, but didn't see what I was looking for. Now I'm pondering two wool/mohair blends. The first is the #577 in the new Fresco II book. The second is from Drapers. Patrick says its woven by VBC but to a very high standard. Frankly, I like the look of the Drapers better and it felt good to me, but I'm wondering if anyone knowledgeable has thoughts about either.
VG, Did you take a look at what books Patrick had along? I'm hoping he has Crispaire, Finmeresco, Cape Kid, and Gilt Twist. Did you notice them there?
Still waiting for the vest of a three piece suit ordered in November. Received the jacket and pants but probably only because I was in Hong Kong in late December and early January and had additional fittings while I was there. The suit I ordered last July arrived several weeks after Chan's November visit.
If one ounce lighter weight doesn't bother you, Fine Classics is a little less textured than the Oyster but more so than the Lessers.
I've two Chan suits from H&S Target which is an S120. One has fantastic body and drapes well. The other is okay but a bit flimsy. Suit jacket is fine, but pants don't hang as well. Both are from the same book but are very different fabrics. The colors and patterns of both are fantastic.
I don't have any problems with your choice of adjectives. My comment was only that the swatches don't seem limp and lifeless. I've felt swatches that do. On the other hand, I'm reluctant to make judgements on a swatch alone. In any case, I won't be using Frontier as I've decided I want a nailhead, and the shade I want isn't in the Frontier book. I may try it another time but not now.FWIW, I've heard lots of people who otherwise love Lesser's dump on the 11-12 range. ...
I have a swatch of it that they sent me. It seems pretty flimsy. The "Q" stuff seems a lot nicer.
I've been thinking about a suit in Frontier and was a bit concerned about these comments as well. But I have a travel book of Frontier and, granted I'm certainly no cloth expert, it seems anything but limp and lifeless to me. I also know that Patrick Chu has spoken well of Frontier in the past.I think for a first suit, I would probably agree, but, for some follow up fittings in Hong Kong, I did work with a junior cutter and he did a very good and careful job, and...
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