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I've been in the HK store three or four times. Each time I was on a stopover in HK on the way back from diving in Indonesia, so I was dressed in some combination of jeans, shorts, ratty t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, etc--oh and wearing a cheap Seiko dive watch. Despite this, and even though I was only looking and told them so--though possibly to purchase later--the staff was extraordinarily helpful, bringing out shoes for me and my son to try on, answering questions...
Getting ready to order a suit from the Smith's mohair book. In swatch form at least, I really like one of the 60% mohair fabrics in a dark petrol blue but I'm worried about how shiny it will be in the large expanses of a garment. As a swatch, it has a slight but noticeable sheen. I'm wondering if anyone has anything made up from one of these 60% mohair fabrics and can comment on just how shiny they are. There's a similar color in 30% mohair but it's a smoother texture...
Was sitting at the bar while you snapped those photos. Great setting for it.Those saddle bluchers are really spectacular. I had thought my next order would be slip-ons or chukkas, but those are so great IRL that I may change my plan.
Phillip Carr of St Crispin's believes conditioners and creams are at best useless and at worst harmful at least on the leathers used in his shoes.
Anyone have experience with the Harrison's Mystique bunch? I've been impressed by Fine Classics and Frontier, but much less impressed with Premier Cru. Wondering where Mystique fits.
I'm going to look through the two swatchbooks again tomorrow, but I often find myself deceived by the appearance of the relatively small swatch.
Need some help with summer suiting fabric. Can someone identify which number Crispaire this is? And, can someone tell me if this one below is Fresco 516? Looking at it in the book, 516 looks like a true navy, but Minnis calls it a "French Navy" and that's what this looks like to me. Both pics are from Ethandesu who identifies the fabrics but not the numbers.
I would have guessed 608 or 607
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