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Full size down.
I've got two suits from the book: One, a solid navy, is fantastic, drapes well, resists wrinkling, wears cool; The other, a blue glen plaid, feels unforgiving, drapes poorly, and wrinkles terribly. I'm not knowledgeable enough to draw conclusions about which other fabrics in the book would be good and which would be bad.
The Smith's mohair book is very nice as well. Some of the Dugdale NFW are very nice, some not.
Capelli Five Fold Brown and Blue Neat Print Tie, 9 cm x 150 cm, $ 55 shipped CONUS. SOLD (Capelli calls this a five fold but it looks like six to me.) Conrad Wu Navy and White Shantung Repp Stripe, 8 cm x 147 cm, $ 45 shipped CONUS SOLD Duchamp's Silk Black Ground Multicolored Pocket Square, 16" x16", $35 shipped CONUS Drakes Brown Native American Design Pocket Square, 16" x 16", $35 shipped CONUS
If I still lived in New York, I probably wouldn't be a huge fan of the 10 oz., but here in San Diego, it's good for all but our "cold" winter months and the few days in the summer when temps climb into the 80s.
Panta 6 fold Styleforum Massdrop Burnt Orange Small Pattern Tie, 8 cm: $45 shipped CONUS SOLD Drakes Spotted Navy/Green Boucle Tie, 8 cm: $45 shipped CONUS SOLD This one is very hard to photograph. It has a dark navy base with the raised boucle silk yarns a dark green. Mostly the tie reads as green with strong blue undertones Drakes Dark Navy Jacquard w/ Cream/Gold Stripe, 8cm: $45 shipped CONUS SOLD Drakes Navy/White Boucle Silk Tie, 9cm: $45 shipped...
No longer. Phillip advises that St. C is ending its relationship with Wingtip.
I think I had posted that mine had gotten shiny at the knees quite quickly. I was able to replace the trousers, getting swatches from a couple of bolts and having Chan get fabric from the one that matched. Smith's was very helpful. The jacket shows a little bit of shine at wear points but nowhere near so bad as the first pair of trousers did. I wouldn't hesitate to use Finmeresco for a blazer. But in light of that experience, I am more ambivalent about it as a suit...
I have a couple of Frontier suits, and while I love the fabric, it is really a plain-weave suiting. It's got a bit of texture but not that much. Dugdale's New Fine Worsted actually has a bit more. I have one of the navies, and it wears well. Again, kind of smooth for blazer but a little more texture and a little lighter than Frontier.
If I remember correctly the Smith's comes in 40/60 and 70/30 wool/mohair ratios. I have the 40/60 and it has a little less give than wool but is still very comfortable.
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