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Still available. I've worn them once so am dropping the price to $275. Pics below show current condition. Here is the outside edge of the heel, the only area showing any visible wear. Here is the very back of the heel. Here's the sole. Writing inside shoe (camera would only focus on the top edge of the boot) Outside
Plain turpentine works well. I've used it on all my crust leather shoes.
I don't and I'm out of town but will take one when I'm home. It's definitely brown, maybe a shade darker than chocolate. Not at all grey.
Got this one from the 5 Fold Outlet ties. It's very versatile:http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=62&products_id=1599
Haven't got a clue what accounts for the difference. By flimsy, I mean the fabric lacks body relative to its weight and doesn't drape as well as it might. I don't know that pictures would show anything. It's more a question of how the fabric feels.
I have two suits from the New Fine Worsted book. One is great, drapes wonderfully, resists wrinkles, wears cool--though maybe not as cool as Fresco. The other seems flimsy, wrinkles badly, and wrinkles don't drop out after a day or two of hanging. Can't explain the difference. The suit that wears well is a navy solid while the other is a blue glen plaid.
Is this from Optimo?
There was talk of the shrunken calf spotting in rain. I asked Phillip about it who assured me that there were no widespread problems. I ordered a pair of shrunken calf monks in the darkest brown. I've worn them in the snow and the rain and they look fine. I also have a pair of split toes in BUF. I like the BUF but in retrospect I think a CRU would have been better. The grain distracts from attention that should be on the hand stitching of the apron and toe.
I think it will depend alot on the last. I bought a pair of these for my wife:She's a slightly wide 6.5 US, 37 Euro, and the UK4 fit her well.
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