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for clarities sake. size 9 nike roshe run, air max 90, flyknit lunar1, and size 8.5 cole haan lunargrands you recommend medium right? going in on my first ninjasox !!!
This is the inside of my Corter bifold shell cordovan wallet, could anyone tell me how this happened and what exactly these marks are? How to clean? I tried a little obenaufs lp and rub it in - doesn't really do anything.
what happens if i don't wash it before wearing? major shrinkage? cold water gentle wash?can you PM me when you get black socks in?
discovered this brand, want to try, black socks in my size sold out :
I went with Allen Edmonds as it advertises non silicon. It's in the mail
it all depends on what you do when you're wearing your jeans... that's the beauty of raw denim sir..
Bump. Anyone got updated info? Also, is there a difference between waterproofer and protector?
these are nice... why don't you just buy em?
That gore range bi fold. Is it branded in anyway? Is there a horween stamp in the bill fold?
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